Don’t Be Like Janet

A few weeks ago, I had a nightmare journey getting home from work. It took me three and a half hours to get home. It should take an hour and a quarter.

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Does fruit make you fat?

My son and I have a little ritual, every Wednesday we head out of the house at around 9.30am and go to our local coffee shop. 

It’s a lovely little place with exposed brick work, ambient music and big comfy chairs to sit on.

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Paella, Tapas and Five White Magnums

Today is my first proper day back at work after a week-long holiday. We went to visit my parents and their dog Frankie, who live in Spain.

 The week was extremely relaxing, mostly spent playing in the pool with my son, as well as a visit to the beach, a few walks in the hills along the rugged coastline and lots of food.

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Nobody Likes A Cold Jacket Potato

This week my son started his settling in sessions at his new nursery. After I dropped him off and we’d both shed a tear, I had 3 hours to kill before I had to collect him. I drove to a local coffee shop, laptop in hand and began working.

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Every day I wear black clothes to work

Every day I wear black clothes to work. Black t-shirt, black joggers and black trainers. The night before I prep the same breakfast, I get out my cafetière ready to have the same drink (black coffee) in the same cup.

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