Does fruit make you fat?

My son and I have a little ritual, every Wednesday we head out of the house at around 9.30am and go to our local coffee shop. 

It’s a lovely little place with exposed brick work, ambient music and big comfy chairs to sit on.

We sit together and have a drink, flat white for me, babycino for him. As we sit and people watch he’ll often point at things and ask with his inquisitive little mind, “Daddy what’s this?’. 

Today as we sat, he did just this, pointing towards the adjacent table as they had their brunch brought out to them by the waiter. “Daddy what’s this?”.

It was three plates of scrambled eggs and smoked salmon.

As the three generations of ladies (daughter, mother and grandmother) next to us tucked into their food, the mother asked her daughter…

“So, will this help me lose weight? Eggs, salmon and no toast?”

“Yes” the daughter replied, “You must also cut down on your fruit too, a small palm of fruit per day at most”.

The feeling within me to give an impromptu lesson on the basics of nutrition for weight loss was overwhelming, but I decided it wasn’t my place to intervene. Plus, my son was starting to “sing” (shout) and we were getting the kind of stares that say “he’s cute and all but can you quieten him down a little or leave?”.

Exit stage left. 

I hear people giving unsolicited nutrition advice all the time. I’m sure it comes from a place of good intentions, but it does so much more harm than good. 

It’s not the daughters fault though, she was trying to help her Mum out. It’s the fault of the shitty trainers and nutritionists out there who perpetuate crappy information.

No wonder people are confused. 

Listen carefully…. 

Fruit does not make you fat, consuming too many calories does. 

The basics of weight loss, will always remain the same. If you want to lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit. In simple terms, this means consuming less calories than your body needs per day. 

Cutting out whole food groups such as fruit will probably help to put you in a deficit for sure, but it’s not necessary. Neither is it necessary to cut our bread, pasta, alcohol and anything else rogue fitness industry workers or Instagram “stars” will have you believe is bad for you. 

If you really want to then you can eat fruit every day and lose weight. In fact, you probably should be eating fruit every day. Fruit has an abundance of vitamins, minerals and fibre and is one of the things I can categorically say that most people should eat more of. 

I understand it can be hard to know what information is right and wrong. My advice is to avoid following the latest fad diets and internet crazes, they come and go on a daily basis for a reason. 

The basics of weight loss will always remain true, if you are confused, then seek the help of somebody you trust who has a proven track record with helping people just like you. 

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