Every day I wear black clothes to work

Every day I wear black clothes to work. Black t-shirt, black joggers and black trainers. The night before I prep the same breakfast, I get out my cafetière ready to have the same drink (black coffee) in the same cup.

My morning routine, from alarm going off to me heading out of the door, takes 30 minutes. I then walk the same route to work and sit in the same seat on the train. I take out my phone and start working, writing content for articles and social media posts.

My routine is so engrained that writing is the first thing I have to do that I actually have to properly think about. The rest is auto pilot. It’s habit.

By reducing the number of decisions I have to make each day, I can focus on the important jobs. We all have a finite amount of brain capacity we can use each day to make decisions. If you clog up your brain having to make lots of small decisions, like what to wear to work or what to eat for breakfast, then you won’t be able to make bigger decisions with any clarity. You have to be able to reduce thinking stress.

When it comes to helping my clients to lose weight, I use similar tactics so that they don’t have to overthink what they will eat during the day. If you’re busy at work or have a crying baby to deal with for instance, making a sound decision on what to eat for lunch isn’t (and shouldn’t be) at the forefront of your mind. That’s why if you have lunch in the fridge ready you can grab it and eat without having to think too much.

Here are my top 3 tips for reducing the thinking stress that comes with dieting.

  1. Make a plan of what you are going to eat for an entire week and do the food shopping in advance.
  2. Make your breakfast the night before so that you can open the fridge in the morning and eat.
  3. Cook your dinner and save a portion for lunch the next day.

Habits and routines are what build the foundations for long term fat loss. Anyone can follow a fad diet for a few weeks and lose weight, but if you can build habits into your life you’ll be able to lose weight and keep it off for good. By building these habits you’ll be able to reduce thinking stress, leaving you free to use your brain power to make the more important decisions in life.

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