Making Ragu and Playing With Dinosaurs

After a week-long holiday of meals out and long lazy lunches, this Friday it was back to cooking every day.

Cooking is something I absolutely love to do.

I find it very relaxing and almost cathartic in a way. I’ll happily cook away for hours with some tunes playing in the background.

Thanks to Jamie’s new Italian programme, I’m going through a bit of an Italian phase.

Ragu’s, soups and pasta dishes, which are perfect now that the weather is starting to turn.

On Friday I set about making a ragu, the key to this is time, at least an hour of slow gentle cooking. I made enough ragu to make six portions of lasagne, plus extra to freeze and go with some pasta later on.

On Saturday, my wife made her famous Chicken Laksa Soup, again enough to make six portions.

Then on Sunday I made a Pumpkin Soup and a Roast Dinner with a beautiful leg of lamb and vegetables from our local farm shop, the leftovers of which are going to be made into a curry tonight.

Between us we cooked three times, but we have enough food for twenty-four servings!

This is often how we cook, a little extra chopping on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, means we also have lunch and dinner sorted for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

This in turn gives us more time for other “stuff”, such as playing dinosaurs with our son, continuing the ongoing process of decorating our house or just watching a bit of TV.

Whatever it is, it’s time that we would have normally had to cook.

Sometimes I hear stories of people labouring away in the kitchen for hours on end every single Sunday, in order to prep their food for the week ahead. Whilst this is a method that works for some, I don’t believe it’s something that works for many.

You don’t want to have to slave away all day.

You want food prep to be easy.

If you’re going to cook dinner anyway, why not just make a little extra so that you’ve got a lunch or dinner in the fridge for another day?

This is how I teach my Online Personal Training clients to manage things. I give them a recipe book with over 70 recipes in, so that they can make extra food with quick and easy meals and then spend the extra time they have with their kids or doing something they enjoy doing.

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be complicated, you don’t need to slave away in the kitchen, you just need some simple tricks of the trade and a few tasty recipes to follow.

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Nikki Clarke

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