Paella, Tapas and Five White Magnums

Today is my first proper day back at work after a week-long holiday. We went to visit my parents and their dog Frankie, who live in Spain.

 The week was extremely relaxing, mostly spent playing in the pool with my son, as well as a visit to the beach, a few walks in the hills along the rugged coastline and lots of food.

We ate paella in a place I believe serves the best paella in Spain, tapas in the cutest little restaurant and had lunch and the odd tostada in a few of the sun drenched Chiringuito's.

We also ate a fair bit of ice cream, drank most days and snacked on crisps, chorizo and cheese.

I don’t tend to stick to any rules when I go away, apart from trying to eat like the locals do.

Holidays are one of those times when food should be about the pleasure you get from eating it and socialising with those close to you.

No rules, no diets.

When I got back I weighed myself, out of interest, and I weighed…


exactly the same as when I went away!

You’d have thought I’d have put some weight on, my Mum will be reading this wondering how I didn’t (Hey Mum!).

The thing is though, although what I ate was different, the overall quantities of food and calories taken on board were roughly the same.

Not through any big effort of mine, I just have certain habits that I’ve followed for a long while that serve me well.

I eat protein with each of my main meals.

I eat fruit and vegetables throughout the day.

I stop eating when I feel full, rather than keeping going (and finishing other people’s left overs!).

None of this is complicated stuff, I teach it all and more to my online personal training clients.

The people that lose weight and learn to keep it off aren’t those that follow crazy crash diets.

They aren’t the people who buy into juice cleanses, “diet tea” or other weight loss mumbo jumbo.

They are the people who learn the basics and execute them consistently.

There’s no need to avoid your favourite foods (I ate five white Magnums whilst away in Spain), in fact you probably should eat the things you enjoy most if you’re going to stay on track long term.

Avoiding them altogether will just make you crave them and inevitably binge on them later on.

Think about it this way, have you ever been on a diet that has asked you to cut out crisps, bread and chocolate?


Did you stop eating these things forever?

No. You always go back to them.

So why not follow a plan that allows you to eat all these things guilt free, instead of trying to fool yourself that you can banish them for good?

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Nikki Clarke

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