Patrick's Story

Are you someone who goes to the gym regularly but still never gets the body you've always dreamed of? Patrick was, until he decided enough was enough and took the plunge and hired a Personal Trainer. 6 months later he was looking ripped! Read on to find out exactly how working with Nikki got him into the best shape of his life.

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Elliott's Story

If you have a lengthy lay off from the gym, it can be daunting getting back into the swing of things. You know your fitness and strength won't be what it used to be, which can be a little disheartening. All this coupled with the fact that you know you need to make some dietary changes to get you in shape, means that it's easy to procrastinate.

Find out how working with Nikki as an Online Personal Training client helped Elliott break down these barriers, and get the right guidance to get him into the best shape he's been in in a long time!

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Fran's Story

If you've got 3 months to get in shape for a wedding, there are two things you can do.... Panic or enlist the help of an expert to ensure you look stunning in your bridemaid dress! Thankfully Fran took option B! Read on to find out exactly how working with Nikki helped her to not only look great on the big day, but also learn more about exercise and nutrition than she had done from any plan she had tried before.

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Jack's Story

Sometimes you can exercise regularly and still not lose weight. It's frustrating when this happens as you feel like your effort deserves more of a reward. Sometimes, it just takes a few tweaks and a bit of guidance to get you to where you want to be, as Jack found out when he started Online Personal Training with Nikki.

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Dan's Story

Sometimes life kicks you in the ass and gives you a wake-up call. The need to make a change in the way you live your life can be made apparent by some pretty traumatic life changes. Find out how and why Dan changed his life and has never looked back since….

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Erica's Story

Personal Training is a premium product that should yield premium results, so when you’ve paid Personal Trainers to get you a result, it is frustrating when they don’t deliver. You quite rightly, will feel aggrieved that you’ve paid a lot of money for little return. In this instance, Personal Training seems even more expensive. Money for old rope.

So you can imagine that it’s then even tougher to put your faith in a new trainer, as you will obviously have doubts and reservations based on previous experiences. This is exactly what Erica has been through, read on and find out why training with Body Solutions turned out to be the best decision she’s made and how her faith in Personal Trainers was completely restored by Nikki.

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