Dan's Story

Sometimes life kicks you in the ass and gives you a wake-up call. The need to make a change in the way you live your life can be made apparent by some pretty traumatic life changes. Find out how and why Dan changed his life and has never looked back since….

1.Why did you start training with us?

I suffered a family tragedy that made me wake up to the need to take care of my health. I was aware that the life I was leading was unhealthy, but I never really appreciated exactly what that might result in if I kept going how I was. While I felt fine, my body was showing initial signs that things might not be going to plan. Nothing catastrophic but small aches or irregularities that were uncommon for someone my age.  I knew I needed a change but needed a catalyst to do. I had that with the death of my father and I have never looked back. I have since come to understand that your health is a gift not a given, take care of it and it will take care of you. Neglect it and you'll have to take care of it later. 

2. How is training with us different to what you have experienced in the past?

I did use to train - maybe 2-3 times a week and thought what I was doing was adequate. I wasn't seeing any results so that should have told me otherwise. It was mostly cardiovascular training on a machine as I lacked the confidence to enter the weights area. I also lacked the knowledge on how to properly train certain muscle groups and do it in a way to see results. That's changed completely - I do cardio as a last resort if I can't bring myself to front up to do weights. That's a direct result of working with Nikki, he gave me the guidance and confidence to train more effectively and taught me a great deal about what leads to the best results. 

I also enjoy training a lot more - it's varied in its nuance and targeted whereby I know what I'm looking to achieve that day and keeps me balanced - legs day is a killer but it's not every day. I have lighter days and days where I push myself. It's fairly natural that you can't be at your best everyday but accepting that while maintaining your commitment to any ultimate goal has been important. 

3. What do you enjoy most about training with Nikki?

I don't get yelled at. That sounds like a footnote to most people but I always had the idea that personal training is similar to boot camp - and I don't respond well to being ordered around. Nikki also understands that life isn't constant - there are times you can push yourself and other times where simply turning up to the gym is a positive outcome. It's never explicitly mentioned, but after being a client for 2 years, I can tell when he sees I can go to the next level and when I need a bit of leniency. 


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4. What has surprised you most about the whole process?

Getting into an exercise routine is actually enjoyable and rhythmic. You get into a groove and you just don't want to go back to how you were before because it's what makes you happy. I have never been a terribly active person but it's changed without me knowing.  There is a crucial threshold between where you think about your day -and going to the gym becomes a mandatory part of that - not because you have to, but because you want to. 

5. Would you recommend us to others? If so why?

Categorically. I reconcile the cost of working with Nikki in the long term - you can either pay now or you can pay in the long term via poor health and medical costs associated with that. The combination of the fitness side coinciding with a nutrition program under that same person makes things a lot easier. You don't get that with all personal trainers who solely focus on your activity levels. 

You also can't put a price on greater happiness and being once again comfortable in your own skin. I honestly don't believe I could have done it without his help and guidance - and patience more than anything. 

Also pretty conveniently located and flexible in his timing which just helps when life does inevitably throw you a curve ball. 


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As you can see the results speak for themselves.

Nikki Clarke

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