Elliott's Story

If you have a lengthy lay off from the gym, it can be daunting getting back into the swing of things. You know your fitness and strength won't be what it used to be, which can be a little disheartening. All this coupled with the fact that you know you need to make some dietary changes to get you in shape, means that it's easy to procrastinate.

Find out how working with Nikki as an Online Personal Training client helped Elliott break down these barriers, and get the right guidance to get him into the best shape he's been in in a long time!

Why did you start training with Nikki?

After several years out of the gym and not really keeping myself very healthy or in good shape I had decided that this year I was going to make a real effort to get back to it. Just at the right moment Nikki was actually asking for some volunteers to trial a new online training program, and, having known Nikki personally for many years and him knowing my training background I decided it would be a perfect way to start my new journey back to being healthy. I knew Nikki had the knowledge and experience to nurse someone who has been out of training for so long back along the right path. Once the trial was over I wanted to keep training with Nikki as the experience had helped loads and I'd seen really positive results. Most importantly I was back to enjoying regular exercise again instead of dreading it!

How is training with me different to what you have experienced in the past?

I used to work as a Personal Trainer when I was fresh out of University and as such always managed to keep on top of my training and gym sessions and never actually used anyone else as a PT. By now though I really felt like I needed some guidance and a general bit of kick up the ass so it was nice to have you looking out for what I was eating, reminding me exercises that I'd long since forgotten and keeping a close eye on my progress.

What do you enjoy most about training with Nikki?

The personalised training plan and then having someone on hand to answer my questions and have a proper chat on the phone. Nikki was always available to answer any questions I had or give me a pep talk and some guidance when I needed it.

What has surprised you most about the whole process?

How quickly I managed to feel comfortable with training again and how quickly I started to see results. Made easier by Nikki's reassurance that results would still be achieved as I eased myself into training after such a long break! He laid out everything for me in such a way, that as long as I stuck to the plan, I knew my body would change, which as you can see from the pictures it did!

Would you recommend me to others? If so why?

Absolutely. I recommended Nikki to my girlfriend straight away and then to several people I work with who were surprised at my new health & fitness boost and wanted to know why/how they could do the same! They have all started training with him and are seeing similar results to me.

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