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If you've got 3 months to get in shape for a wedding, there are two things you can do.... Panic or enlist the help of an expert to ensure you look stunning in your bridemaid dress! Thankfully Fran took option B! Read on to find out exactly how working with Nikki helped her to not only look great on the big day, but also learn more about exercise and nutrition than she had done from any plan she had tried before.

Why did you start training with Nikki?

I'd been trying to shift some weight for a while but wasn't really getting anywhere; fad diets and training plans that I found online hadn't managed to keep me motivated and I wasn't seeing the results. With three months to go until being a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding I decided to ask Nikki for his professional help as I was determined to look and feel good in my dress and had heard amazing reviews about his programs from friends.

How is training with Nikki different to what you have experienced in the past?

Training with Nikki has honestly been such a different experience to what I've been used to in the past. Not only did Nikki put together a completely personalised training plan for me which was updated every month, but he also helped me to get to grips with a healthy nutrition plan. In the past, I would try to motivate myself with HITT workouts I'd found on social media but the lack of 1-2-1 support and an individual tailored plan saw me lose interest and motivation quickly. With Nikki, I could ask questions, practice techniques and talk over specific areas where I was going wrong or needed advice on. His constant encouragement and support kept me focused in and outside of our sessions together which in turn helped me to see actual results - something I had not experienced in years.

What do you enjoy most about training with me?

Training with Nikki has been brilliant. He has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of me throughout my three-month training plan which has been invaluable to keeping me motivated. Confident in the knowledge that Nikki had taken care of all of the planning, all I had to do was stick to it to see the results. Our training sessions together were challenging, enjoyable and always varied - I always left feeling like I'd learnt something new (and out of breath!).

What has surprised you most about the whole process?

There are many things that have surprised me about the whole training process with Nikki. Like how quickly I've noticed my fitness levels increase and how much I've noticed how far I can now push myself at the gym, however I think the most stand out surprise for me is the weight training. In the past, I've always avoided the weights section of the gym thinking it was mostly for the men, but Nikki has made me realise how important weight training is within a fat burning program for men and women. As surprised as I am to say this, I also actually enjoy it - especially now that Nikki has taught me specific techniques which I am able to confidently practice at the gym on my own among the 'muscle men' who I'd normally be too embarrassed to train next to.

Would you recommend me to others? If so why?

I would without a doubt recommend Nikki to others! And not just to those people who - like me - are looking to get professional help to lose weight; but to anyone who wants to push themselves to get more out of their training sessions, to those who want expert advice on diet plans combined with training, and to those who want to learn new exercises at the gym and good technique.

Nikki has not only helped me to achieve my goal of slimming down but has also managed to positively change my mind-set on going to the gym and getting fit. He is professional, patient and fun and most definitely a 'no-yelling' and all encouraging expert. I feel healthier and happier in my body and the compliments I received at my best friend’s wedding were worth all the hard work. Thanks Nikki!

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