Jack's Story

Sometimes you can exercise regularly and still not lose weight. It's frustrating when this happens as you feel like your effort deserves more of a reward. Sometimes, it just takes a few tweaks and a bit of guidance to get you to where you want to be, as Jack found out when he started Online Personal Training with Nikki.

Before you started training with me what did you find difficult about reaching your goals? 

Before training with you the thing I struggled with the most was my nutrition, specifically not knowing how many calories and what macros I should eat. I was training lots but not really seeing any results because I just couldn’t get to grips with my food.

You helped me massively by calculating my macros and calorie intake specific to my goals. Not only that, you offered guidance throughout the 8 weeks with one to one chats and advice.

What did you enjoy about Online Personal Training?

What I loved about Online Training is that the complicated bits of fitness and nutrition were all sorted for me, all I had to do was follow your plan and I started seeing results! I also like the fact that you have to work by yourself to get the discipline to achieve your goals. The fact you still have the connection to your trainer on a daily basis rather than just that one hour session is also such a positive, you were always on hand to answer any questions I had or give me a pep talk when needed!

Was there anything you didn’t enjoy?

Well if I’m honest I found the training quite tough to start off with, but I think this is because I wasn’t pushing myself enough in the gym beforehand! However, I soon got to grips with your methods and ended up really looking forward to receiving my new program!

How would you sum up your experience with Body Solutions?

Before starting Online PT with Nikki I was struggling to shift my body fat, I was training regularly but Nikki pointed out that my nutrition wasn’t quite there, he quickly sorted out that problem for me by giving me a nutrition plan and helping me with any issues I had. Nikki was very professional and will go out of his way to help you as much as he can if you have any issues with anything, I would highly recommend him and his Online PT service to a friend.

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Nikki Clarke

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