Patrick's Story

Are you someone who goes to the gym regularly but still never gets the body you've always dreamed of? Patrick was, until he decided enough was enough and took the plunge and hired a Personal Trainer. 6 months later he was looking ripped! Read on to find out exactly how working with Nikki got him into the best shape of his life.

1. Why did you start training with me?

I started training with Nikki because I wanted to feel more confident about my body - and also look better in my swimsuit! I'd spent years trying to improve my physical health but without any real direction (or proper dedication). So last year I decided to spend the New Year getting serious about the gym and I realised my best bet would be to get some help from a professional. I did my research and found a few options locally but reading through Nikki's website really swung it for me. He seemed to have a no nonsense approach and I thought I'd get on well with him, and that proved to be very true.

2. How is training with me different to what you have experienced in the past?

Training with Nikki was all that I was missing from my previous regimes. I came with the new found dedication but Nikki added the expertise and the encouragement that made all the difference and it really helped me keep it up. The first thing he had me do was complete a food diary - and the first thing he taught me was the importance of diet. This time round the training didn't end when I left the gym - I learnt how to manage my macros and the benefits started to show very quickly.

3. What do you enjoy most about training with me?

Nikki doesn't let you quit when you're training with him, there's always a little bit more you can give. Finding that extra push you didn't think you had in you is great.. But I think the most enjoyable thing I've gotten out of training with Nikki is the results! It really is the first time I've seen any noticeable change in my physique. I initially had a 6 month plan in mind but seeing the benefits of working with Nikki meant it wasn't difficult for me to decide to continue the training.

4. What has surprised you most about the whole process?

Everything that Nikki put in place really helped me build a routine around the gym. Something I've never been able to keep going before. So that was a welcome surprise. I even found myself looking forward to getting in the gym, previously it was always a chore!

5. Would you recommend Nikki to others? If so why?!

Nikki is easy to work with but at the same time, he knows how to push you to give everything you've got. No excuses! The training sessions are always well prepared & he's regularly changing the workout plan so things always feel fresh. And he's always quick to respond on email or whatsapp when I have questions or need to rearrange a session. I would definitely recommend!

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