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Comprehensive Stool Testing – My Story

Comprehensive Stool Testing – My Story

Treating the gut can be one of the most powerful tools in improving overall health. Not only have I seen this with clients over the years but my approach to gut health has stemmed from the effects that digestive infections had on my own health around 4 years ago.

Around 6-7 years ago I noticed a number of symptoms that neither my Doctor or I were able to make sense of. In fact, my doctor went as far as telling me that my symptoms ‘must be in my head’. Many of my clients have since informed me that this is a line that their doctors have used on them when they are unable to find the answers.
The symptoms I suffered with regularly included:

  • Extremely low energy levels, in fact I would sleep regularly in the afternoon, and never felt refreshed even after 8-10hours of sleep. Later I would find out that my cortisol levels were extremely low (see salivary adrenal test below).
  • Compromised immune function, I found that I was unable to exercise for more than 2 weeks at a time without picking up some kind of infection or cold. I would regularly suffer with mouth ulcers and nasal infections.
  • Low libido, I noticed a gradual reduction in my libido, something you do not expect to experience when in your mid-twenties.
  • Erratic mood - just ask my wife about this one, at the time I would suffer from huge mood swings unnecessarily.
  • Food Allergies - although my diet was relatively clean at the time I seemed to develop food allergies on a regular basis, although a qualified nutritionist, I was so confused over what foods were right for me.
  • Muscle loss and some fat gain, especially around the mid-section.

Fortunately I was able to work with one of the leading Functinal Medicine Practitioners Dave Hompes after seeing him speak at the Royal Society of Medicine. Going by my symptoms we ran a GI Effects Stool Test, and an adrenal stress profile test. You can see my results below.


The results from my test showed two major infections, one was Helicobacter Pylori and the other was Clostridium Difficile. After a 3 month period working with my practitioner we were able to completely change around every one of my symptoms. First we addressed my digestive infection and following that we support my adrenal function.

Following that 3 month period I now never, or rarely suffer from any of the symptoms that I was suffering with on a daily basis before. I was so impressed by this approach to addressing health that I went on to study and be mentored by Dave Hompes over the past 3 years and have been studying functional medicine ever since. We now work together and are currently co-writing a book on Clostridium Difficile Infection.

Below is a copy of my follow up test which was clear of my previous infections, showing that the use of natural treatment is able to remove these pathogenic bacteria. I found healing the gut the most powerful tool in improving my own health and have seen this time and time again with my clients.



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