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Quiz for low testosterone symptoms

Low Testosterone Part 2: Quiz for low testosterone symptoms

Following on from a previous article I wrote on the 7 reasons for low testosterone in males, I have decided to put together 12 simple questions you can ask yourself to establish if low testosterone is affecting your health.

This can be simple way of establishing the likelihood of low testosterone before spending your money on lab tests to determine a more accurate profile regarding the numerous potential dysfunctions that lead to low testosterone.

The Testosterone Quiz

  1. My libido is low
  2. My morning erections are infrequent
  3. My erections are rarely full
  4. I find it difficult to maintain an erection
  5. I have times of mental fatigue
  6. My concentration is not what it used to be
  7. Sometimes I feel depressed
  8. I experience regular muscle soreness or poor recovery from exercise
  9. I feel my stamina is poor
  10. I have gained weight recently even though my habits have not changed
  11. I have noticed an increase In the fat deposits around my chest and hips / upper legs
  12. I experience sweeting attacks

I tend to get people to answer the above questions based upon a 0-3 point system as seen below:

0 = Not True or rarely true
1 = Sometimes or occasionally
2 = Often or frequently
3 = Almost always

For the above questionnaire if you scored below 7 low testosterone is probably not an issue for you, 8-13 and it might be contributing to your symptoms but is unlikely the underlying cause, 14-20 and you have a moderate to high physiological load when it comes to male hormones and your health may be affected by low levels of testosterone and anything above 21 and male hormones are likely causing you a significant enough stress to be affecting your health and will certainly be blocking fat loss and muscle gain potential.

In my next article on testosterone I will be looking at the laboratory tests for low testosterone symptoms. In this article you can look at both the recommended private labs tests to determine where the underlying dysfunction originates.


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