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Reduce Toxin Exposure for Fat Loss

Reduce Toxin Exposure for Fat Loss

We are exposed to toxins from the moment we are conceived, one study showed an exposure of 287 chemicals in just 10 new born babies. All of which were linked to cancer, developmental problems and/or nervous system damage (Houlihan et al, 2005).

Exposures continue throughout life from the chemicals found in cleaning products, pollution, heavy metals, fire retardants etc. Our hope of living in a toxin free environment is now impossible but there are things we can do to help reduce our toxin exposure and things we can do to help remove toxins from our body.

In the coming series of articles I will be looking at practical solutions that you can introduce into your lifestyle.

12 reasons why you should reduce toxin exposure.

Environmental toxins have been shown to:

  1. Interfere with our metabolism, through disruption to thyroid hormone function.
  2. Overload liver detoxification pathways.
  3. Disrupt weight-control by promoting insulin resistance that can lead to weight gain and increased risk of diabetes.
  4. Negatively impact sleep health.
  5. Stimulate the stress response and increasing the hormone cortisol which is linked with fat gain around the mid-section.
  6. Increase inflammation.
  7. Damage mitochondria and effect energy production.
  8. Increase the risk of cancer.
  9. Disrupt sex hormones, most notably estrogen.
  10. Cause issues with sperm production in males.
  11. Are neurotoxic, this can lead to poor brain function and mood.
  12. Cause leptin disruption a hormone that influences satiety, thus leading to overeating.

Assessing the above influences you can see that toxins have the ability to affect all systems in the body. Often our genetic weaknesses will determine the symptoms that we experience. For some, toxin exposure may affect their thyroid, for others they may gain fat, especially on their lower body.

If you are the type of person that is having a hard time dropping body fat, especially from the lower body or directly around the belly button even though you have adopted a blood sugar balanced based diet it may be time to consider the role of toxins in fat gain.

The first step in detoxification should be to reduce your exposure where possible. The following articles are going to be looking at how you can:

  1. Purify your air naturally
  2. Eat the right foods and drinks to reduce toxin exposure
  3. Choose the right cleaning and personal care products
  4. Choose the correct cookware and food storage

My next article is going to look at how certain plants can help naturally detoxify the air in your home which can be more toxic than you think.

Houlihan J, T & Kropp et al (2005) Body Burden: The pollution of newborns, Washington DC, Environmental Working Group

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