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Tips to stick to your new years resolutions

5 Tips to ensure you stick to your New Year’s Resolutions

Some people are really pessimistic about New Year’s resolutions, not me, I like them, I think January is a great time to reflect on what went well and what didn’t go so well the year before and then set targets for the year ahead.

However, the stat I found the other day (which is maybe not overly surprising) is that 92% of people fail with their New Years resolutions. In this article I’m going to address how you can change that.

Last week I hosted my first ever Facebook Live video, where I gave my top tips to staying on track with your resolutions, you can view the video below or read on for the key points, which I’ve outlined for you…

Pick just 1 goal

It’s so common for people to write a huge list of things they want to achieve, before ultimately falling at the first hurdle, as it’s too overwhelming trying to achieve so much.

My advice is to write that big long list still, but then pick the one that is most important to you, the one that you really want to achieve, discarding the rest. Focus your time to achieving this one thing and you’ll have a much greater chance of success.

Break the goal down into small chunks

Looking at a big objective can still be daunting, so breaking it down into monthly, weekly or even daily actions will help it seem much more manageable.

If you’re looking to drop 3 dress sizes before a summer wedding, you might say that you will ensure you exercise 3-4 times per week. If you’re the sort of person that doesn’t always eat breakfast, you may decide that the main thing you need to achieve is eating breakfast every day.

The mini chunks will be personal to you, but should ultimately be something that will make a big difference to your target.

Consistency over perfection

Anybody that gets results is consistent. There are no exceptions. You need to do the small chunks daily and just keep at it. Losing 1/2lb of fat over a week doesn’t seem like a lot, but do it over a year and you’ll drop 26lbs and change your life.

Take a look at my client Dan, this was done over 2 years, he was consistent over time and completely changed the way he looked. We didn’t use any magic tricks here; he just turned up week in week out (and still managed holidays, stag do’s and drinks with mates on a regular basis).

 resolutions transformation

Enjoy your training

Pick a form of exercise that you like and stick with it. I love weight training but hate running. If I had to run to stay in shape I wouldn’t do it, because it doesn’t excite me.

I strongly believe that enjoyment is such a big part of staying in shape, so don’t feel pressured into “what is best” but pick what is best for you.

Eat tasty food

Maybe an obvious one to some, but it astounds me how many people eat such boring food to lose weight. It doesn’t have to be like this, you can eat food that tastes good and get in good shape, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

There you have my top five tips for sticking to your resolutions, if you have found this article helpful or know someone who would then please share it and help as many people meet their goals this year as possible.

Nikki Clarke

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