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Barriers To Achieving Your Training Goals

Barriers To Achieving Your Training Goals

Dealing with personal barriers is a key part of personal training. What barriers are you creating that are preventing your success?

In the past, I have trained people who have owned several houses and expensive sports cars yet complained when I suggested they eat more protein. In their eyes, eating a lot of meat / fish etc was too expensive. I’ve spoken with people who stated that they had no time to train, yet spent several hours per day on social media or catching up on reality TV.

I’ve also trained people who would train their ass off in the gym, yet wonder why they were not losing weight, even though they admitted that they hadn’t been following my nutrition plan (and in some instances drinking so much that it made George Best look like a teetotaller).

Most people in their life, at some point, will want to drop some body fat and lose weight. Whilst people will SAY that they want to lose weight, most will find any excuse they can to actually begin a training program or start eating healthily.  

There is never a perfect time to start a program, although for most, next Monday seems to work well, at least in their heads. There will always be barriers to achieving your goals, such as “lack of money”, no time or “eating healthy being too difficult”. It’s how we go about removing these barriers that will separate those that achieve their goals and those that continuously fail.

If you have no money or are on a budget, train in the park or at home. Buy frozen fish, meat and vegetables at a greatly reduced cost to fresh produce. If you have no time, make time. Write everything that you do in a diary for a whole week. Then at the end of the week look at your diary and honestly assess where you can find 3-4 45 minute time slots to train. I have trained people who work 100 hours per week, fly all over the world for meetings and have 3 or more children, yet they still find the time to train. It’s all about how much you want it and if you find eating healthy difficult then ask yourself why. You may need to start planning things more or learn some tastier recipes. You may even just need to just grow up a little bit and realise that your mother was right when she said eating your vegetables was good for you.  

For me actions always speak louder than words. If you are serious about achieving anything in the gym, remove the barriers you have created in your head and get on with it! If you need extra support, get in touch and find out more about our personal training in Shoreditch.

Nikki Clarke

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