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Goal Setting For 2016

Goal Setting for 2016

We’re midway through December, Christmas parties are in full swing, and you are probably already a little sick of minced pies and festive cocktails. You’ve already got one eye on January, in the back of your mind you can’t wait to have a sober month and eat some vegetables.

But when January comes what’s the plan? Are you going to turn up at the gym that you joined at the start of the year and have never been to and simply wing it? Or are you going to follow a set plan?

I’ll tell you now, if it’s the former, you’ll arrive at the same point in December 2016 having accomplished zero in the gym. You’ll look the same, feel the same and will have paid handsomely to do so.

Make a plan today for what you want to achieve in 2016 and make it Specific, Measurable and Realistic.

Saying that you want to lose weight is absolutely pointless, there is no specific amount and there is no deadline, meaning that you can procrastinate or even give it up completely as you haven’t made yourself accountable.

How much do you want to lose? Why do you want to lose it? When do you want to lose it by? More importantly how are you going to lose it? Exactly what are you going to do to achieve your goal? Do you even know the best methods to reach your goal?

“I want to lose 10kg by 28.06.2016 as it’s my wedding day and I want to look and feel good in my dress”.

“I want to be able to wear my size 32 waist jeans again by 14/02/2016 as I have a hot Tinder date”.

Both of these examples are specific and measurable. They are emotive to the person that set them and they have a cut off point to achieve them by, meaning that these two people are less likely to procrastinate.

How you achieve these types of goal is entirely person dependent, but you must ensure that you write down daily action based tasks in order to accomplish them. For instance….

“I want to lose 10kg by 28.06.2016 as it’s my wedding day and I want to look and feel good in my dress”.

In order to do this I must….

  1. Train with my Personal Trainer 3 times per week.
  2. Complete 2 morning interval-training sessions per week
  3. Eat 120g of protein per day, divided into 4 equal portions
  4. Sleep a minimum of 8 hours per night
  5. Prepare 3 nutritious meals based upon my macros each day

Lastly, what exactly is realistic when it comes to fat loss? In my experience it is entirely realistic for someone to lose 1-3lbs of body fat per week, extenuating health issues aside. Most people can drop this amount healthily by following a plan specific to them.

A skilled Personal Trainer will be able to tell you everything that you should be doing in order to help you achieve your goal. The onus is then on you to action each point daily and for your trainer to encourage you and tweak the plan as you develop, ensuring that you never plateau.


Nikki Clarke

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