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How To Choose A Personal Trainer

How To Choose A Personal Trainer

Choosing a Personal Trainer can be difficult. In this article I hope to help you make the right choices when it comes to finding the right trainer to work with.

These days anybody with a 6 pack and an Instagram account can market themselves as a personal trainer. The entry level to the industry is now unfortunately so low that the majority of courses to become a trainer give you a pass mark if you can write your own name in joined up writing. Even then there are a few who I think would probably struggle.

As well as this most trainers in London will claim to be “the best”. As far as I’m aware there is no personal trainer league table, thus anyone who claims to be the best is obviously fairly good at blowing their own trumpet, which doesn’t help you one bit.

So how do you decide who to part your hard earned cash with? How do you separate the men from the boys? Or the results based trainers from the Mr Motivators? What follows are a few tips for you to make the right choice when hiring a Personal Trainer to ensure you get what you want out of your trainer and that your money is well spent.

They get results and can prove it

In my opinion, this is the single most important aspect when hiring a trainer.  If they claim to be the best, then you need evidence. Hard facts that corroborate their claims. If they tell you they can transform your body in 12 weeks ask them to see before and after pictures of people like you that prove this. It’s no good them showing you a handful of picture-less testimonials, they also need to show you photos.

They specialise in the area you want to improve

If you want to lose weight/body fat, hire someone who specialises in this (and can prove it). If you want to run a marathon in a new PB hire someone has achieved this with many individuals before. If you want to get strong, hire someone that has a track record of getting people strong.

Your biggest mistake will be hiring someone who is a “jack of all trades, master of none”. If a Personal Trainer has a list of specialities longer than a queue at Tesco on Black Friday then alarm bells should be ringing.

They are in good shape themselves

I am not saying that trainers need to walk around all year looking like a Men’s Health cover model. They should however be in great shape most of the year and certainly have the ability to get themselves into great shape quickly if needs be. In short they need to look like a trainer, not like a skinny jean wearing Topman model.

NB As I eluded to in the opening paragraph, being in shape doesn’t necessarily mean they will be a great trainer. I know plenty of awful trainers in great shape. They need to have the other attributes as well.

Your personalities match

Lastly, you need to ensure that you will have some sort of connection. I’m not saying you have to be mates with your trainer and meet them for dinner, but if you are spending anything from 4-16 hours with this person per month it’s a good idea you have mutual respect for each other.

Hopefully this article will help you in your quest to find the right trainer for you.

Nikki Clarke

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