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Personal Trainer Tips - Simplifying How To Get Results

Personal Trainer Tips - Simplifying How To Get Results

One of my roles as a personal trainer is being able spell out exactly what is required of my clients in the simplest way possible. I have met countless people that fret over the smallest of details, yet fail to sometimes look at the bigger picture. Clients who stress out over how many almonds constitutes a handful, yet fail to see that it is more likely the fact that they spend more time socialising with Ernest and Julio Gallo, than they do in the gym, that is their biggest issue.

I recently read a fantastic book called “The One Thing” by Gary Keller which has the over riding message throughout the book, that you must always focus on the one thing that will give you the biggest results in order to achieve success. With my clients, this is the approach I have taken for a long time. You need to be able to focus on achieving the one thing that will give you the best results. This method works very well with the vast majority of clients, as often there will be one major thing that is holding certain people back.

For most people it will be something very simple. It could be that you need to ensure that you are training 4 times a week, every week, without fail. It could be that you are training hard 4 times per week, sticking to your plan Monday to Friday, but inhale food like a Dyson Hoover at the weekend. For you the one thing you can do to improve results would be to stop the weekend eating binges.

As always, most of the time the answer is very simple, yet we have a great way of over complicating things.

Another method I will use with my clients is the use of checklists. This is something I picked up from strength coach Charles Poliquin many years ago.  This method I find works best with people that have a very methodical nature.

I will ask my clients to write down a checklist of things that need to happen in order to reach their goals, starting with the most important task first. A list may look something like this…..

  1. I will complete 3 resistance training sessions per week.
  2. I will complete 2 twenty-minute interval-training sessions per week.
  3. I will eat 5 meals per day according to my nutrition plan
  4. I will sleep 6-8 hours each night and go to bed no later than 11pm.
  5. I will only drink 1 glass of red wine per week.

This is a basic list of tasks I may give clients. If they can simply tick each one off each week then I will guarantee them results. If they fail to complete one of the tasks then they must understand that they are compromising their results. Again it really is that simple.

To sum up, I will often meet people that are on the right tracks, but not quite getting the results they desire, they may have a decent knowledge of training or nutrition, but because they are over complicating things, they do not look the way they desire. My job is to get these clients to reach their full potential by simplifying things and getting clients to see the bigger picture.

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Nikki Clarke

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