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3 Nutrition tips for whilst travelling with work

3 Nutrition tips for whilst travelling with work

Achieving the body we desire is as much about consistency than anything else. One of the biggest challenges with remaining consistent is being taken out of your normal daily routine, this is often demonstrated even with Monday – Friday food intake compared to Saturday and Sunday food intake.

When attempting to transform your body whether over 4 weeks, 12 weeks or even 12 months establishing a healthy eating routine is crucial no matter what day of the week it is or where you find yourself in the world. Of course this requires a certain amount of planning with your food, but I can assure you the preparation that goes into establishing a healthy eating routine and sourcing where you are going to be able to eat well will pay off in the long run.

Today’s article focuses on those travelling with work, and some of the systems to put in place to help you continue with your body transformation.

Make Appropriate Hotel Arrangements

Choosing accommodation to suit your nutrition and training needs. Calling ahead to a hotel or researching the food and training facilities on offer at that hotel to make sure they fit in with your given protocol is important. Of course this may not be a luxury for everyone, so even researching what you have available to you in the in the local area would be a good idea. Look for supermarkets nearby, quality restaurants and so forth.

Pack Emergency Foods

Emergency foods are those that you can easily throw in your suitcase to take with you. They may be the foods you rely on when faced with a tray of sandwiches at a meeting. Here are some of my favorite emergency foods

  1. Canned fish - Also don’t forget a fork and a toothbrush!
  2. Nuts - I prefer people to take one bag of multiple types of nuts so they can rotate each day the type of nut consumed. Go for non-roasted or salted.
  3. Quality biltong - You can get a variety of biltong these days such as beef, venison, kudu, and lamb. Just try and get a product that is not full or additives and flavorings. One company we use is called Naked Ape. Check out the Naked Ape Store.
  4. Food Bars – These days there are some food bars out there that are able to deliver a sufficient snack without overloading the body with sugar or bad fats. Products like bounce balls and paleo bars seem to fit that the best. Bounce balls are more widely available but probably not as high quality as the paleo bar by Designs for Health.
  5. MCT Oil and amino mix – Medium chain triglyceride oil is a fat that is hugely abundant in coconut oil. Its main benefit is that it is a quick source of readily available energy, easily broken down and can help encourage fat loss. Combine that with a good amino acid mix and you get a good protein and fat snack to help stablise blood sugar levels on a lower calorie intake. Amino’s I use Amino Work Capacity - available in the Phil Richards Store along with this MCT Oil.
  6. Meal Replacement Shakes – I much prefer real food to liquid nutrition other than post workout. However (as some of my clients experienced in Italy recently) if the only food available to them during the day was pizza and pasta, sometimes a meal replacement is the best option. It can be quick, convenient and if made correctly you can produce a well-balanced meal that is not going to dramatically effect blood glucose levels. Use a high quality functional food powder. I like Designs For Health Paleo Meal, if you can add a little extra fat. I like to add 100ml of coconut milk and about 300ml of water. You can buy coconut milk in convenient sachets, usually 200ml that will travel well. By combining you have a nice blend of protein, fat and carbs. Make sure you pack your protein shaker.

Advanced nutrition strategy when travelling with work

The common approach when travelling with work is to let go for a few days or even a week, but those few days or a week can be enough to set you back 2, 3 maybe even 4 weeks in your progress. You have to ask yourself if it is worth it. Sometimes the best tactic during this period is to approach it with a specific protocol. My feeling is that by making the protocol strict and sticking to it what you actually are doing now is changing a habit that has probably been present every time you travel with work, that being that eating crap food and drinking booze is acceptable every day. Truth is if you want to achieve the body you desire these are the sort of habits you need to change, so rather than feeding into it by relaxing the diet lets change the habit by making things even stricter than your normal routine. Returning to your normal home routine then also feels easy. Tactics that can be used include:

  1. Low calorie or carb days  - This involves reducing your calories or carbs further than normal for the period of the trip. Short term carb and calorie restriction is not going to have any major negative effect on physiology, so as a short term tactic to actually increase fat loss while travelling it can work well.
  2. Short Term Intermittent Fasting (IF) – If fat loss is a goal then IF can be a cool little tactic to stay on top of your overall caloric intake and also have a longer period of the day where you are encouraging the body to still metabolise fat. This is not for everyone and as a general rule I feel females should avoid intermittent fasting completely.

Hopefully with the above strategies you have a better idea of dealing with travelling away. In short, preparation and the right mindset is crucial to continuing your results.

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