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3 Simple Tips for Better Nutritional Habits

3 Simple Tips for Better Nutritional Habits

When we conduct our initial consultations with clients, we often find that for many, food has become something that they see either as a chore, or something that takes a backseat in their day, with other, “more important” tasks taking precedence within their day. We immediately start to encourage clients to think more, not just about what they eat, but how they eat.

Below are 3 tips or habits we try to instil within our clients, to help then form a healthy relationship with food and eating.

Take time to eat

We live in a culture where unfortunately for many, food is an afterthought to the other rigours that envelope our day. It has become common place to grab a sandwich and eat at your desk, or on the run without thinking about it. We have all seen the multitasking ladies on the tube who manage to eat a packet of crisps, do their make up, play Candy Crush on their iPhone and juggle a baby. Quite simply we have forgotten how to eat food properly. For most people, it is no longer an enjoyable experience, but a stressful one.

Taking 15 minutes out of your day to turn off your phone and laptop and eat some freshly prepared food in a relaxing environment is something we encourage our clients to do.

On my recent honeymoon to South East Asia, it was common place to witness families and friends eating together and taking time to prepare and enjoy food.  A very simple pleasure that is sadly decreasing in our country.

So, go home, take time to cook a nice meal for your wife, relax and talk about your day.

Plan your meals in advance

By writing down and planning your meals for the week you will find that you will hit your nutritional goals without fail. I have also found that I buy less food in the supermarket with this method, as I shop to a list, rather than pick stuff up haphazardly.

You can ensure you eat the correct macronutrients and that you are eating optimally for your given goal, As a bonus you will probably eat a more varied range of meals, rather than falling into the trap of eating the same thing day in day out.

Batch cook your food

We advise our clients to batch cook food once or twice per week and store in the fridge, this way you do not have to cook every day, you are guaranteed to meet your nutritional goals, and if you have even a semi decent idea of how to cook, it will undoubtedly taste better, and probably be cheaper than going to Pret every day (other sandwich shops are available).

If you can’t cook then learn. No one is born with the ability to cook. It is something we pick up. My dad taught me to cook from a young age, something I’m very grateful for. But if you don’t know then pick up a cook book and give it a try.

Better still have a look at our recipes in our recipes section.  We have many recipes for one pot meals that can be cooked in bigger batches and don’t require many skills apart from being able to cut some vegetables or a bit of meat and put it in a pot. Not too difficult? NB You must also have the ability to put it into the oven. And turn the oven on. And take it out again after a few hours. Hopefully it’s still not too difficult!

So there we have it, 3 very simple tips that will help you be more organised, meet your nutritional goals, save money, eat better tasting food, enjoy your food more and help you to spend more quality time with your loved ones. An all round winning situation.

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