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Simple Nutrition Tricks For Long Term Success

Simple Nutrition Tricks For Long Term Success

Changing eating habits and maintaining them long term is key to ensuring that once you lose weight / body fat, it stays off. Many people will have a target weight or dress size in mind once they begin a more traditional diet. Upon reaching this goal it is normally a green light to return to old eating habits.

This approach will only see you live a life of continual sporadic dieting. This is not only extremely moral sapping but also a very unhealthy approach to take.

At Body Solutions London we aim to gradually change the eating habits of our clients so that once our clients reach a target weight or body fat, they stay between a certain range year round.

Below is a list of 5 simple tactics to ensure that you stick to healthy habits year round.

  1. Save time in the kitchen by preparing food in advance. Chopping veg etc in advance means you can put quick and simple meals together daily without much of the usual labour.
  2. At least once per week cook a meal with an ingredient you have never used before.
  3. Every weekend cook a recipe you have never cooked before. I love Jamie Oliver’s cook books and will pick a new recipe out each week.
  4. Eat out with a loved one once per week and eat anything off the menu you fancy. No rules,  no guilt, just enjoy your food.
  5. Have quick and tasty “fall back” snack options available for when you are busy and don’t have time to cook. Fruit, pre-made salads, nut butters, coconut oil, tins of mackerel, packets of prawns and smoked salmon etc

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