Female Personal Training Shoreditch

Body Solutions London provide Female Personal Training in Shoreditch that is 100% tailored to you and your goals.

We understand that it can be harder for females to lose weight and have designed an 8 week shape up plan especially for females.

If you have struggled in the past or don't know where to start and need some extra help, get in touch today.

8 Week Shape Up Plan for females

We have created our 8 Week Shape Up Plan specifically to help females lose weight. Our Female Personal Training is proven to get you into the best shape you have ever been by using our tried and tested training and nutritional methods.

The methods we use are tailored and tweaked to match each unique client that we train. We understand that everyone is different and all women will have their own individual set of road blocks that we need to overcome together to get you looking and feeling better than ever before.

We won't ask you to follow a boring and tasteless diet that leaves you feeling flat and with little energy. Our nutritional guidance will help you to get the results you desire without having to neglect your taste buds!

What does our 8 Week Shape Up Plan involve?

You will train with one of our fat loss experts 3 times per week in a state of the art Personal Training facility in Shoreditch, at a time that suits you. You may also be asked to perform 1-2 short interval training sessions by yourself.

The combination of resistance training and short bursts of interval training are scientifically proven to get you to lose body fat as quickly and safely as possible and ensure that once you have completed the 8 Week Shape Up Plan, you can maintain the figure you have worked so far.

Our training sessions will be challenging but will leave with a feeling of accomplishment. Your body will begin to change, you will start to lose inches in all the right places and you will become stronger and more defined.


"The weight began to fall off me and I started to look forward to training, something that I’d never really done before. When my wedding day came I was in the best shape of my life."


What do we require from you?

All we ask is that you make the time to train with us regularly and commit to the nutritional plan we give you. We ask that for just 8 weeks, you commit to making some changes to your lifestyle that will transform how you look and feel forever!


Start your journey to better health and fitness today...



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