Nutritionist in Central London

Whilst many of our clients at Body Solutions London experience nutrition consultations as part of their Personal Training experience. We also offer 1-2-1 advanced nutrition consultations with our Nutritionist Steve Grant.

We know that there is an abundanced of information out there that can be both misleading and confusing and for many the current guidelines for healthy eating are far from optimal for health. Following one size fits all strategies will never illicit the best results. Everyone is different and at Body Solutions London we use various methods to help write you a nutrition program that is ideal for your body at that time.

Our personal trainers are all trained in nutrition and able to offer nutrition support but on occasions more advanced methods and assessment are required to support your goals, help you determine possible blocks and show you how to overcome them.

Although Body Solutions specialise in physique change, improvements are rarely limited to what you see on the outside. We have also been able to help many clients achieve optimal health and recovery from areas such as:

  • Digestive Imbalances that might lead to IBS
  • Low or irregular energy
  • Poor immune health
  • Poor skin, hair, nail health
  • Irregular sleep patterns
  • PMS
  • Mood irregularities

Our advanced nutrition consultations involve a more in depth nutrition, lifestyle and symptom analysis and Steve is also able to offer advance laboratory testing such as hormone testing, blood chemistry analysis, nutrient testing, stool testing and food sensitivity testing and supplement service for those that require that next level in nutritional support.

Body Solutions London Diagnostic Testing

Here at Body Solutions London we are able to offer a number of diagnostic tests to help support your health and body composition goals.

It is well established now that dysfunctions in the digestive system, various hormone systems, and nutrient status can all have significant effects on your ability to reduce body fat, gain mass or generally feel healthy.

Testing is not something that is required by everyone and commonly focusing on basic nutrition and lifestyle principles will be enough to address most health and body composition goals, in which our Personal Trainers are more than qualified to support you with.

For those that require that additional support to investigate hidden physiological blocks to health and body composition goals, we are able to offer a number of laboratory tests through our Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Practitioner Steve Grant.


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