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5 Tips for Bigger Arms

5 Tips for Bigger Arms

There are few men on earth who would say no to the chance of having bigger arms. With that in mind, here's my top 5 tips...

Use big bang for your buck exercises

Dips, chins, presses and curls should be the bulk and mainstay of your arm programming. Isolation exercises have their place within training programs and we utilize them often with our personal training clients, but you will always add more size to your arms through overloading the muscles with big compound movements.

Use thick grip implements to recruit high threshold motor units

Using a thicker grip allows the body to recruit higher threshold motor units. We use a variety of tools such as Fat Gripz and thick bars in our gym. Initially you will have to lower the weight you use, which for some may be a jolt to the ego, but, if you play the long game and use thicker implements where possible, you will be able stronger when you return to using regular diameter bars and DBs.

Vary the angle of attack

By changing the angle at which you train through, you will alter the strength curve and thus tax / overload the muscles at varying points. This means that you can gain strength and size through various points. You should use different points of incline or decline or seated exercises. I particularly like to use biomechanical advantageous sets where by you start an exercise in the least biomechanically advantage position before switching up to more advantageous positions. Below is an example…

  • A1 45 Degree Incline DB Curls 4010 rest 10s
  • A2 Seated DB Curls 4010 rest 10s
  • A3 Spider Curls 4010 rest 90-120s

Focus on weak muscles with a higher frequency

If you arms are lagging behind in size and strength then it may be a good time to try a specialization routine for your arms. We have had great success training body parts twice per day twice per week for a phase. Concentrate on lower reps in the morning, take a 4-6 hour rest and then train higher reps in the PM session. Please note that this is an advanced routine to try if other basic methods do not work first. I.e No point in test driving a Ferrari if you can only handle a Ford Fiesta.

Focus on the contraction and feel of exercises

Your muscles should feel the exercise when you are performing them. Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke extensively about the mind muscle connection. You need to concentrate on the muscle in question when performing the exercise with the aim of feeling an intense burn within the muscle itself. For most this may mean lowering the weight used, taking a step back and realising that you are not in competition with others, but yourself.


Nikki Clarke

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