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Advanced Fat Loss Routine - Death Circuits

Advanced Fat Loss Routine - Death Circuits

The sun is shining here in London. Which can only mean one thing, Summer is just around the corner (hopefully). If you have been grafting away in the gym all winter ready to unleash your abs on the world, then good for you. If however you are still carrying some of the excess “Winter Insulation” then it may be time to step it up a gear!

This is an advanced fat loss routine I have used with many personal training clients over the years with great success. It is tough and takes no prisoners, hence the ominous name of the routine, “Death Circuits”.

I believe I learnt this routine on a PICP Strength and Conditioning course I took many years ago, so credit for this one goes to Charles Poliquin.

The Routine

  • A1 Barbell Back Squat 3-4 x 10-12 4010 no rest
  • A2 Pull Up 3-4 x 10-12 4010 no rest
  • A3 Deadlift – Mixed Grip 3-4 x 10-12 4010 no rest
  • A4 Dips 3-4 x 10-12 4010 180s rest

Video Demonstrations

Barbell Back Squat

Pull Up



Key Points

  1. Perform all four exercises one after the other with no rest until you have finished the last rep of the A4 exercise.
  2. Warm up to your working weight on all 4 exercises before you begin the 3-4 working sets.
  3. Select a weight that sees you fail between 10-12 reps on each set. If the weights selected are too easy you will not reap the benefits so make sure you push yourself.
  4. You may need to lower the weight used on each set as there is incomplete rest between exercises.
  5. You can interchange exercises but the order must remain the same. Quad Dominant Exercise, Pull Exercise, Posterior Chain Dominant Exercise, Press Exercise.
  6. Exercises selected must be challenging, Barbell Back Squats, not Single Leg One Eye Closed Justin Bieber Squats.
  7. Train with a partner or better still hire a Personal Trainer. This is an advanced exercise and not the sort of routine many people can take themselves through. You will want to quit after the first round if you do it correctly, hence a knowledgeable Personal Trainer will be able to get the most out of you and maximise your fat loss.


This workout is ideal for those that have 6-12 months training history or more. It is not for complete beginners. I use this with clients who need to drop fat fast, or those that have hit a plateau with other routines.

Obviously this routine will only work well if your nutrition is on point, it is not the antidote to a cupcake addiction!


Nikki Clarke

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