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Hotel Workout - Keeping in shape whilst travelling Part 2

Hotel Workout - Keeping in shape whilst travelling Part 2

In this article I am going to look at how you can use hotel gyms that aren’t quite as well equipped as your normal gym, or our Personal Training Gym in Shoreditch.

As stated this is far from perfect, but we do not live in a perfect world, and sometimes despite our best efforts, training can not be perfect. Sometimes we have to adapt. In my eyes doing something will always be better than nothing. If it is a choice of having a client go away on business and not train for a whole week, or managing to string together 2-3 Tabata workouts in a hotel room, when fat loss is the goal, option B will always win.

I’d like to regale you in a little story...

Around 8 years ago I went on holiday with my parents and little brother to Cyprus. My brother had just started training and my career as a PT was in full swing. We’d discussed training together whilst we were away, and on checking out the hotel gym, we were met with about 3 old, rusty looking pieces of Technogym equipment, a lat pull down machine, peck dec and chest press. As well as this a fairly shoddy set of DBs that went up to 16kg. Hardly ideal.

I put it to my brother that we were going to have to go very high on reps and combine several exercises due to the lack of weight. This was way before I knew anything about Milos Sarcev and his high rep giant sets systems, which I have used many times since, but the workouts loosely resembled this type of training. To cut to the point we blasted out about 40-50 sets of high rep work using what we had available, we used minimal rest periods and ensuring we kept maximal tension on the muscle at all times by not locking out.

To this day it was still one of the best workouts I have ever had. Even though the gym was far from ideal.

If you find yourself in a gym that isn’t to your usual standard then see it as an opportunity to try something different. If it only has a leg extension machine and you were due to squat, then train on the fly and use methods like higher reps, drop sets or extended sets, so that your quads get the workout they need. Don’t moan that you can’t train without the proper equipment and slope off to your room to raid the mini bar.

If you were due to bench press but there is no equipment, bust out some trusty press ups, and the myriad of versions that there are out there.

The point is there is always an alternative and it is not the equipment of a gym that will dictate how good a workout is, but the mind set you take into a workout and the execution of it.

Be creative next time you are faced with limited equipment or facilities!

Nikki Clarke

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