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Best Exercises For a Pert Bum

More Junk In The Trunk: Best Exercises For a Pert Bum

I certainly do not have all the answers when it comes to understanding the female form. However, given that I am married, have a lot of female friends in my social circle and have trained many women in my career as a Personal Trainer, I’m going to put it out there that I’m in a pretty good position to say I understand what women want when it comes to their physique and the way they want to look. A pert derriere is almost always top of the list.

However, what women want, in my experience, isn’t always mirrored in the way they train. More specifically, the exercises that they do will not give them the firm buttocks they desire.

Seemingly endless monotonous bouts of cardio and low calorie diets will leave you with bum cheeks as flat as a pancake. To develop round firm glutes you need to do exercises that are specific to that area and eat a diet rich in good quality food.

A problem I often see is that many females are afraid of putting on muscle. “But won’t I get big and bulky if I train with weights?” is a statement every Personal Trainer has heard in their career at some point.  Since the last Olympics, I have often used Jessica Ennis as an example when talking about weight training with female clients. I think we can all agree, she is in incredible shape, not too “big and bulky” yet she retains a decent amount of muscle mass whilst continuing to look lean, athletic and ultimately feminine.  


In short, she has a decent set of glutes but doesn’t look fat. The chances are if you think your bum looks fat, it’s because it is, NOT because it’s too muscly.

Now, in order to get a set of firm glutes you first need to be able to activate them. If you can stand up and “clench” and hold your glutes tight then this is a good starting point. If not then you need to work on recruiting them. I always get my clients to begin with a routine such as the one below, so that they can first mobilise their hips before activating the glutes prior to the full program listed further down…..

The Warm Up

  • A Hip Stretch
  • B Side Lying Clam Drill
  • C Single Leg Hip Extension
  • D Prone Band Glute Extension

The Program

  • A1 Lying Barbell Glute Bridge4 x 15 2012 rest 10
  • A2 DB Drop Lunge 4 x 12 e/s 20X0 rest 10
  • A3 Romanian Deadlift 4 x 15 3011 rest 10
  • A4 Cable Pull Throughs 4 x 20 2011 rest 180s

On completion of the warm up your glutes should feel pumped. If they do not and you can’t get your glutes to activate then this program isn’t for you. Spend more time trying to get your glutes to activate with body weight movements and drills such as those listed in the warm up.

The program itself is performed in a giant set fashion, with deliberate pauses put into the contracted position of some of the exercises, so that you can squeeze and contract your glutes on each rep.

Try this program twice per week for 3 weeks before moving on to a new routine.

Nikki Clarke

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