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Personal Training Part 2: Program Design

Personal Training Part 2: Program Design

One of the main benefits of personal training is that your program is designed in advance with your goals in mind, ensuring optimal results.

Something I see very often in gyms is people meandering around and selecting exercises that they like to do and often, not really performing these exercises with any real intensity.  The main issue with this approach is that exercises and set / rep schemes are chosen because the trainee likes doing them, rather than what is needed by the body in order to develop and progress, be it in terms of fat loss or muscle or strength gains.

In short, it is human nature to lean towards the exercises we prefer doing rather than those that we should do., which in turn can lead to below par reward for the effort expended.

How Can Hiring a Personal Trainer Improve Your Results?

So how do you know what exercises you need to be doing in order to progress? How many sets and reps should you be doing of each exercise? How can you plan your training programs for maximum results?

Here at Body Solutions London, once you have been assessed with our comprehensive screening system, I will set about writing your program with the end goal in mind.  This means I will write 12 week blocks of training at a time and in some cases even further ahead.

I pick exercises,  set and rep schemes and ultimately design the programs based upon your weaknesses. This will serve to both minimise injuries and aid in performance. Once performance is enhanced you will see quicker results, meaning you drop body fat and / or increase strength and muscle quicker, dependent upon what is required.

It can be very confusing when you read about “the best” training methods on the internet. But ultimately there is no “best way”. The best thing that you can do is change your workouts before you hit plateaus so that you are constantly improving.

Your body will adapt from a given training stimulus normally within 4-6 workouts. This figure will be slightly different dependent upon training age. New trainees will benefit from staying on a given program for longer whilst experienced trainees may need to mix things up more frequently.  The key point however, is that the body requires new and varied stimulus in order to progress and prevent plateaus.

This may mean changing the amount of sets, reps, rest periods or tempo, or switching exercises and using more advanced techniques as your body responds and improves.

Why do I do this?

Anybody can take you through a workout. You can turn up to the gym and get a pretty good sweat on by pumping out a few sets here and there. The “drop and give me 20” type Personal Trainers will do this day in and day out. I know from experience, that this isn’t the best way for clients to drop body fat, get lean and be in good shape.

Nikki Clarke

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