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Posterior Chain Tri Set For Fat Loss

Posterior Chain Tri Set For Fat Loss

Using super sets and tri-sets are two methods I use with my personal training clients to stimulate a lot of lactic acid and therefore growth hormone, which is a pre-cursor to dropping body fat.

They can be performed with different body parts to stimulate more of a global effect in a full body routine or, as in this program, with the same muscle groups to target a specific area in a split body part routine.

The plan below is a routine I followed for the posterior chain last year, in the run up to a photo shoot I did in August. The routine is fantastic for getting a lot of volume into the posterior chain in a short space of time, so it’s great if you are short on time.

I would also use this with clients who need to add more muscle to their glutes and hamstrings. I have had a lot of success with this program and variations of it, with females who have needed to add a little more “junk in the trunk”.

The Program

  • A1 Lying Hamstring Curl Toes Neutral and Plantar-Flexed 5 x 4-6 5010 rest 10s
  • A2 Mixed Grip Romanian Deadlift 5 x 10-12 3110 rest 10s
  • A3 Reverse Hyper Extension 5 x 15-20 rest 180s

Key Points

  1. This is an advanced routine and not for beginners.
  2. Only use this if you are structurally balanced.
  3. You will need to drop the weight used in each set as the session progresses as there is incomplete rest between sets.
  4. You can change the Lying Hamstring Curl for seated if your gym only has a Seated Hamstring Curl machine.
  5. You can do a “MacGyver” version of the Reverse Hyper Extension on a Horizontal Back Extension, Glute Ham Raise or an Incline Bench if necessary.
  6. Make sure you warm up with some glute activation drills prior to the session.

For best results complete the workout twice per week for 3 weeks alongside a sensible fat loss orientated nutrition plan.

Nikki Clarke

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