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Understanding Your Training And Adapting When Necessary

Understanding Your Training And Adapting When Necessary

You may have your training program all worked out but it's not always possible to follow the plan exactly. In these instances, it is important that you are able to adapt it accordingly.

On Monday I went to Muscleworks Gym in Stoke Newington, London to train with a friend of mine. I’d planned out an upper workout involving several supersets. When we arrived at the gym, it was absolutely packed, which meant I had to quickly change around the planned session.

This is a problem for a lot of people that train public gyms. Often the correct kit isn’t available at the right time. In busy periods it can be nigh on impossible to get access to a squat rack or bench. Fortunately this is something I don’t have to experience all that often, but for clients it can be frustrating to have to change a planned workout.

We teach all of our clients to be able to adapt in this scenario. Part of the Personal Training experience is to be taught the correct way to train. Not just to be given a workout and told to do it. There needs to be an understanding as to why something is being done and what to do if a scenario like this arises.

Remember that there is always an ideal situation, but more often than not you have to go with the realistic. Whilst supersetting exercises is a fantastically efficient way to train for a variety of goals, it is not always realistic in a busy gym.

Below is the straight sets system that I utilized on Monday.

  • A Incline Bench Press 6 x 4-6 4010
  • B Close Semi Supinated Grip Pull Up 6 x 4-6 3011
  • C Decline Semi Supinated to Pronated DB Bench Press 6 x 4-6 3110
  • D Pronated Bicromial Grip Lat Pull Down 6 x 4-6 4010

Rest period was 60s per set throughout.

This workout was extremely tough, something my aching lats can still attest to 4 days later!

In conclusion, if you can not follow your program exactly, is there an exercise that is a suitable replacement? If not is there a way that you can alter the exercise order and still reap the same benefits that the workout had initially planned?

Nikki Clarke

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