7 reasons you're not losing weight

7 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Do you really struggle to lose body fat? In this article I’m going to discuss 7 reasons why you may not be losing weight, as well as telling you how to fix them!

I’ve trained hundreds of personal training clients over the years and all of them were making at least one of these mistakes before they started training with me. Fix these and the results will come.

Get on top of them and you WILL start to lose weight.

You lack consistency

Whether it’s 2 weeks on and 1 week off or your diet falling off the wagon at the weekend, if you aren’t sticking to a plan for a given period of time your body fat will never shift.

Tip: Make a plan and commit to it for 12 weeks, 6 months or a year, whatever it takes, but make sure you stick to it. If you don’t think you can stick to the plan you’ve written, then you need to make a plan more manageable.

It doesn’t need to be “all or nothing” it needs to be sustainable.

Your eating habits are too erratic

You binge it at the weekend and then eat chicken and salad all week because you feel guilty.

Tip: It doesn’t need to be like this, you can still enjoy tasty food during the week, without having to splurge. Cook tastier food during the week so that you’re not tempted to binge at the weekend. Your calories should be spread out evenly, not “saved up” for a weekend binge.

You eat too many calories

If you’re putting on weight it’s because your calories are too high. Simple.

Read my article How much should I eat to lose weight? so that you can work out exactly how much to eat each day, and stick to it.

You don’t take responsibility

If you put on weight it’s because you have eaten too much. Only you can control this. Please don’t blame others, take responsibility for your actions.

Tip: Learn to accept that you and only you are making choices every day with what to eat or drink. If you want to eat a load of cake it’s absolutely fine, but understand you chose to do it. Don’t blame others, don’t blame your genetics, take responsibility.

You follow a diet that isn’t unique to you

Your body is unique, your nutritional approach should be to.

Tip: Everyone needs to eat a different amount of calories and macronutrients, learn what is best for you, instead of following a plan that worked for somebody else. If you do not know what is best for you, then hire someone who can tell you. It’s better to invest in the process early than struggle along for weeks, months or years with no results.

You eat too many calories

This one is in there twice because it is just that important!

You reward yourself with food

The whole cheat meal mentality needs to stop, if you want to eat a burger then do so (I certainly do!) but don’t use food as a reward system. It leads to a very poor relationship with food.

Tip: Ditch the term “cheat meal”. If you want to eat chocolate you do not need to rationalise it and you certainly do not need to feel guilty about it. Learning to eat better also means learning to incorporate foods into your diet that you may not necessarily consider “healthy”, but maybe they offer you something else? In short, as long as there is moderation, you can continue eating these foods.

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