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Don’t Worry About the Minutia… Yet

All too often I’m faced with questions by people who worry far too much about the minutia of fat loss, the small details, before they have the macro elements in place first. Questions like “will nuts make me fat?” or “should I be taking X, Y or Z supplement” for instance, when I know that the person in question has drinking habits that make Charlie Sheen look like a teetotaller.

Getting the macro elements in place first is absolutely key to achieving any sort of fat loss. Once these are in place and being adhered to regularly you WILL drop body fat. It’s only when you hit plateaus that you need to start looking at the smaller details. Even then you have to ask yourself and ask yourself honestly and regularly, are the key elements still in place?

  • Am I training hard enough and often enough?
  • Am I getting ample recovery through quality sleep?
  • Am I hitting all the macronutrient targets of my nutrition plan? (Eating the right amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates).
  • Is my fluid intake made up of water and good quality green tea and organic coffee?

Answering NO to any of the above and you are kidding yourself. All of these things have to be in place and adhered to consistently in order to make real changes to your body. Yes it will be a big change for some people and yes it may be hard and you will have to suffer a little, I make no apologies in saying that, but if you are serious about change then it has to be whole hearted.

For some people, change will be slower than others, that’s life, and is a consequence of having to undo, in some instances, years of malnutrition. However I believe that every body has the ability to make dramatic changes to their body if they really want to.

Once you start to learn about your body and how it reacts you can start to worry about the minutia. Did the last training regime work? Did that supplement help? Did dropping total calories that week work? Can you take on more carbs? Fine tuning your body becomes simpler, not easy, but simpler.

As always though if you get the basics right, you will get results.

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