how to start losing weight right away

How to start losing weight right this minute

“I just can’t lose weight, I’ve tried everything, but nothing works”. If this sounds like you, worry not, it may seem like nothing works, but the truth of the matter is that you’ve tried everything except what works. In this article, I’m going to give you my top 3 tips to ensure that you can start losing weight right now.

Write down your goal

Make it clear, time sensitive and with emotion attached to it.

“I want to lose weight” is worthless.

“I want to lose 7kg in the next 15 weeks because I’m getting married and want to feel amazing in my dress and look like a boss” is much better.

You have to figure out your “why”. Why do you want to get in shape? What specific reason is driving you to change?

It could be purely aesthetic. It’s fine if this is the reason, but admit it and use it as your “why”.

It may be health related, maybe you want a shot at living longer and need to trim up.

In my experience, those that are able to figure out the why and write it down have a clear advantage over those that don’t.

Recognise your barriers

Write down the MAIN thing that is holding you back from achieving said goal and how you’re going to overcome it. Not a massive list that will swamp your brain and ensure you procrastinate even longer. ONE THING.

It could be…

I haven’t exercised in years so I’m going to go to the gym and find a class I enjoy doing 3 times per week.


I haven’t eaten a vegetable since the dawn of time so I’m going to eat 5 portions of veg every single day.

You’ll all have your reasons as to why you’re not achieving your goals, you just need to recognise what it is. Here are a couple of common reasons and what you can do to overcome them.

Lack of time

I’ve trained busy women with demanding jobs and three kids who manage to exercise regularly, so if they can find the time to train then so can you.

Give yourself a bit of an audit. Write down everything you do in 30 minute intervals over the course of 48 hours. I guarantee you’ll find 30-60 minutes of wasted time in which you can exercise or prep food.

Lack of knowledge

Not sure what to do in the gym? It matters much less than you think. The main thing is to find something you love to do and do it regularly.

However, if you want to start weight training but don’t know which end to hold the dumbbell, then here is a Beginners Fat Loss Program you can follow.

Start right now

You will be amazed at how many people fail to execute this part. A plan is just a plan unless you take action right now. You’ve got to start and start right away.

The A-Team would have been a boring TV program if the Colonel’s catchphrase was…

“I love it when a plan is written down on a piece of paper” (Shout out to everyone who grew up in the 80s!)


We all have to go to the gym for the first time and we can all get on track with our nutrition the very next bite.

Stepping foot inside the gym for the first time is a hugely positive step, just like preparing your breakfast and lunch for the next day will reap massive benefits once you get into the habit of doing it regularly.

The key is, you actually have to do it.

So, if you say you’ve tried everything and “nothing works”, have you done the following for 6 months consistently?

  • Exercised 3 times per week
  • Walked 8k steps per day (including days off from the gym)
  • Kept a food diary each week
  • Eaten fruit and vegetables 5 times per day
  • Eaten a serving of protein with each main meal
  • Kept junk food to 10-20% of your weekly calorie intake

If you’ve done all of the above and not lost weight I’ll be astounded. But my guess is you haven’t.

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