should you be doing veganuary

Should you be doing Veganuary?

So.. the new year has started and Veganuary is officially on! Let’s take a look at whether this new concept is right for you and whether it can help you lose weight.

My thoughts on this sort of thing are almost always…..

If you want to see if it works for you, give it a try.

Will you lose weight?

Almost certainly. You’re going from eating chocolate and mince pies every day, to eating vegetables, of course you’ll lose weight.

But you could still do so whilst eating meat and fish.

Eating vegan isn’t better for weight loss.

It’s harder to get protein and complete protein into your diet, so you’ll need to take that into consideration and plan for it.

Long term you may find yourself becoming deficient in B12, Calcium and Iron, so supplementation may be necessary if you continue longer than the initial month.

An increase in fibre may result in some “different” bowel activity over the first few weeks.

You’ll probably experiment more in the kitchen and use ingredients you may not often try, which can only be a good thing.

From an ethical perspective, less animals will be killed for food which I’m fully on board with.

Studies have shown that many who complete Veganuary eat more meat than usual in the months that follow, so you’ll need to ensure this doesn’t happen if the ethical side of things is important to you.

strawberries from Colombia won’t do much for your carbon foot print.

Flying and driving less, recycling more and reducing energy consumption are a few other ways you can help the environment.

The worst thing about Veganuary?

The name. Awful play on words. Doesn’t work.

I’d prefer it if they waited a month and called it Veguary…..

Hope this helps you decide whether Veganuary is right for you or not.

If you want to give it a try, here’s a recipe book you can download with loads of recipes for you.


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