best breakfast for fat loss

The Best Breakfast For Fat Loss

What is the best breakfast for fat loss? In this article I give you my opinion on the four most important factors you need to consider when selecting what to eat in the in morning.

Taste preferences

Do you like what you eat for breakfast? If not then it’s probably not a long term sustainable choice for you. You need to pick foods that you enjoy eating and are quick and easy to prepare. This may seem obvious, but I see far too many people trying to shoehorn certain foods into their diet that they dislike, purely because it is deemed a “healthy” option.

How does it make you feel?

If a high carb breakfast such as porridge makes you feel sluggish, then it’s probably not the best choice for you. Similarly if a high protein breakfast of eggs or even steak turns your stomach, then this isn’t ideal either. You need pick something that makes you feel good. In my experience, most people tend to feel better after a high protein/fat breakfast such as an omelette or scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Energy levels tend to be better and you may find you have better clarity of thought and seem more “on the ball” at work, which is always a bonus!

Obviously high protein breakfast aren’t for everyone, so you may need to use a little trial and error to discover what works best for you.

Hunger levels

We typically process carbohydrates quicker than protein and fats, meaning that you may feel hungry 1-2 hours after eating a high carb breakfast such as toast or cereal. A high protein and/or fat breakfast will usually leave you feeling fuller for longer, meaning you are less likely to snack on food in between meals, which makes it easier to eat the right amount of daily…

Total calories

Always the key factor in weight loss, you need to consider total calories. If you are aiming to be in a calorie deficit but use up the bulk of your calories with your breakfast, it’s going to be pretty hard to maintain the calorie deficit throughout the day. It may be a better idea to try and split your calories out a little more evenly throughout the day, so that you don’t get overly hungry and crave food later on. I find splitting my calories between 3-4 meals or 3 meals and a couple of snacks works best, but again it is down to personal preference and finding what works for you.


Finding what works best for you will always be the key to dietary success. You need to find foods that you like and that you can prepare quickly and easily. I have found that higher protein breakfasts tend to keep my clients fuller for longer and therefore keeps them away from snacking on foods and bumping daily calories up unnecessarily.

Your more traditional breakfast options of an omelette or scrambled eggs and smoked salmon are great options. You may like something you can have on the go, such as one of my amazing breakfasts smoothies.

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