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Use This Simple Trick To Control Your Late Night Eating

My wife makes the best chilli con carne in the world. It’s seriously good. It might even be my favourite food ever, which for someone who loves food as much as I do (except mushrooms obvs) is a big claim.

My wife (Emily) usually makes a batch of chilli with a pack of mince which would be sufficient for four people. The idea being that we then have enough food for another meal or lunch the next day.

But here’s the problem….

After we finish eating our meal, we’d usually go back for a little bit more. It is the best chilli in the world after all.

One trip to the kitchen would become two. Then before you know it, all the chilli would be gone and we’d be sitting on the sofa uncomfortably full wondering WTF just happened. This happened many many times.

Eventually I decided that we needed a plan to stop this happening, there was simply no need for it. We didn’t need to eat double portions and it actually would make us feel shit. Instead of enjoying the meal we’d end up stuffed to the brim and wallowing in self pity.

So here’s the new routine that we put in place….

  1. Cook the dinner.
  2. Divide between 2 plates and 2 Tupperware dishes. (Essentially plating up 4 meals).
  3. Put the lid on the Tupperware.

That’s it. Nothing fancy. Nothing mind-blowing. We just put the food in a Tupperware dish and put the bloody lid on!

It works so well for two reasons.

If you want extra you have to consciously make the decision to take the lid off and dip into it, rather than it just sitting in the pan looking all sexy and saying “come and eat me”.

You know that if you eat more now, you’ll have less to eat for lunch the next day, so you feel like you’re stealing from yourself.

If you are someone who keeps going back for extras with your dinner, then give this little trick a go. Get into the habit of plating up and putting the leftovers in to a Tupperware dish straight away.

It might just stop you from eating a load of unnecessary calories in the evening. Oh and if you haven’t tried Emily’s chilli then you really need to.

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