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Barbell routine for a busy gym

Sometimes when the gym is really busy, it can be hard to try and get an effective workout in. When all the equipment is being used it can be hard to do what you need to do, meaning you end up having to do a workout that is ineffective, or worse still, just leave the gym because it’s so frustrating!

When this happens, I like to give my clients this routine, as it means they can get the workout they need. It’s a really effective fat loss routine (when combined with an appropriate nutritional plan) that will really challenge you. 

All you need is a barbell, so you can grab one, tuck yourself away in the corner of the gym and crack on. 

Grab a barbell, I’d start with a 15kg one for females or weaker males and a standard 20kg one for men. Then you do the following…

The Routine

  • A1 BB Back Squats
  • A2 BB Bent Over Row
  • A3 Romanian Deadlift
  • A4 Military Press
  • A5 BB Forward Lunge

Perform x12 reps of each exercise with a 60 second gap in between each exercise. 
Perform 5 rounds of this. 


The progression is to be able to lower the rest period as follows…

  • Week 1 60s
  • Week 2 45s
  • Week 3 30s 

Then on week 4, you add 5-10kg to the bar and start again…

  • Week 4 60s
  • Week 5 45s
  • Week 6 30s

Exercise Demonstrations

Back Squat

Bent Over Row

Romanian Deadlift

Barbell Lunge

By using these 5 compound exercises, you will train all the major muscles in the body. By going from lower body to upper body exercises, combined with the incomplete rest periods, the training plan really taxes the aerobic system, meaning that as well as helping you to lose body fat, this plan will help you get physically fitter as well. Win-win. 

The training plan is extremely useful when travelling as well, as quite often hotel gyms will have barbells but not enough plates to add sufficient amount of weight for a strength workout. In this instance a training plan like this, where the weight on the bar isn’t quite as important, you can use this routine. 

Give this workout a go next time you’re gym is uber busy!

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