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Boost Fat Loss With The Minute Rule

For fat loss, I love using finishers with my personal training clients at the end of a session. When used effectively, finishers will be a lactic acid and growth hormone inducing way to complete a training session and ensure that your body is in a great position to shed body fat. With that in mind allow me to introduce The Minute Rule.

I first learnt the Minute Rule on a Charles Poliquin course I took many years ago. We used it as one of many “finishers” at the end of the training session to highlight the effort needed in order to change your body to an appreciable level. I thought when I took the course I was adept at training hard, but the course took my training to a whole new level, as well as the training (and results) of my clients.

So what does the Minute Rule entail?

The Basics

You will perform a given exercise with the following time frame…

  • 15 seconds maximum effort then 45 seconds rest or active recovery
  • 30 seconds maximum effort then 30 seconds rest or active recovery
  • 45 seconds maximum effort then 15 seconds rest or active recovery
  • 30 seconds maximum effort then 30 seconds rest or active recovery
  • 15 seconds maximum effort then 45 seconds rest or active recovery

The Finishers

If you want to train outside or at home this can be a great option for you as there are many options you can use without any specific kit. Sprints, hill sprints or running up stairs all work very well.

In a gym this would best be used on a rower, cross trainer or spin bike. If you are lucky enough to have strongman equipment in your gym, then my favourite two variations of the Minute Rule are using the prowler, or for an upper body variation thick rope pulls with the rope attached to a heavy sled. (A training partner or trainer will be needed for this variation though to ensure the rope is fed through correctly).

Why is it useful?

The Minute Rule is a great alternative to other interval training methods such as Tabata or Fartlek training. In my view, interval training is very effective for people that want to drop body fat fast as it increases the body’s energy requirements and can raise your metabolism. For those of you that are short on time this can be a great addition to a strength training / fat loss program to ramp up your results and ensure the time you spend in the gym yields results.

Just to be clear, this is not “the answer” that so many look for with their quest for “the best” way to train. Hint: There is no best way. However it is a fantastic tool in the box when utilised correctly.

Give the Minute Rule a try at the end of your next workout and let me know how you get on. For extra support, get in touch and find out more about my personal training in Liverpool Street.

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