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Getting Results When You Have “No Time” To Train

Time is of the essence, these days we work longer and have less spare time to do the things we enjoy. If that means missing a workout then it can be the first step on the path to getting out of your exercise routine.

I firmly believe that consistency and determination are the two biggest factors when trying to lose body fat, thus it helps to have a back up plan in place for when “normal life” gets in the way and threatens to break your consistency.

With this in mind, you need workout options that can fit into your hectic schedule, to ensure that you stay on track, even when your boss is putting your name down for the 5th pitch of the week or that client meeting in Singapore.

You may not always be able to dedicate a full hour to training, which is why having express back up options make sense. You’ll be able to stay on track no matter what your schedule.

Option 1

This routine is designed for maximum effectiveness in just 20-30 minutes (dependent upon your training level).

How to do it…

Pick 2 compound exercises from the list below, 1 lower body exercise and one upper body. You need to pick a weight with which you could roughly perform 15 reps of each exercise in good form.

Lower Body

  • Back Squat
  • DB Squat
  • Deadlift

Upper Body

  • Military Press
  • Pull / Chin Up
  • Bench Press
  • Bent Over Row

Set a timer for 20 minutes if you’re a beginner or 30 minutes for the more advanced trainees.

Complete 10 reps of the first exercise, then complete 10 reps of the second exercise, that’s 1 round.

You then go back and forth between each exercise resting as little as possible.

The aim is to perform as many rounds in the given time allocation as possible. Record how many rounds you complete in the allotted time and try to beat your score in your next training session.

Option 2

This is a simple H.I.I.T workout that can be performed on the rowing machine or cross trainer.

How to do it…

After a warm up you perform a 30s all out sprint. After this you will perform an active rest (approximately 30% of the sprint pace) for 30s.

Repeat this process 7 times.

Beginners will finish their training here. The more advanced trainee will take 2 minutes of complete rest before repeating the whole process again.


These two workouts are simple, extremely effective and can be tweaked to suit any level of trainee, from beginner to somebody who is more advanced. They are just two methods I use from the thousands I have available, to ensure my clients are able to stay on track with their training when “real life” kicks in.

The majority of my personal training clients are what I would deem, normal people. They have busy jobs, they have families, some have children, they have a social life. In short they are people that want to be in shape but not have it consume their life. With this in mind I am constantly updating my programs and nutritional plans so that my clients can enjoy exercise and eating healthy and not see it as a chore, but as a way of life.

The aim of these workouts is to show you that getting results from your training can be simple, even if you don’t think you have enough time to train, there is always a way!

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