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My Guide To Home Workout Equipment

People often ask me what the best equipment is for a home gym, so in this article, I’m going to give you a some options for resistance workouts and HIIT style programmes.

Rule Number 1

Rule one is very simple…

Only purchase stuff that you will use!

So many people buy exercise equipment with good intentions, only for it to be shoved in the garage gathering dust a few months latr. 

This happens because people buy stuff because they’ve seen it on the TV or because Brenda told them it would be a good idea.

Whatever you do, do not buy one of those Abmaster 2000 devices that you see advertised!

Buy stuff that you know you will use.

Rule Number 2

Rule number 2 is to buy the best you can afford.

If you buy cheap, then they’ll break. Simple as.

If you’re going to use it regularly, it’ll be money well spent.

Things like cast iron weights will last a lifetime, so you can always sell them if you decide you don’t want them.

The Basics

A lot will depend on your budget, the space that you have available to you and your training goal.

If you wish to work out from home exclusively or supplement your gym sessions, then I think investing in a dumbbell and barbell set and/or some kettlebells would be a great place to start.

You’ll be able to replicate the majority of exercises you do in the gym with them.

Most of these sets are fairly compact and can be stored away easily.

Adjustable DB’s

BodyMax Deluxe Hammertone Dumbbell Sets.

These can be adjusted up to 40kg.

More info

BodyMax 22.5kg Selectabell 5-in-1 Dumbbell Set.

These are more expensive, but requires less faffing around between sets.

More info


Or if you want to build out a garage gym, then here are some fixed DBs.

They obviously take up more space but you won’t have to adjust them during a workout.

BodyMax Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set and Rack

5-20kg Set 5-30kg Set

Barbell Sets

BodyMax 52kg Vinyl Barbell/Dumbbell Set

This a good all-in-one BB and DB set.

52kg of weight in total.

More info


BodyRip Cast Iron Kettlebells

Individual KBs 4-32kg

More info

BodyMax 48kg Cast Iron Kettlebell Set

Set 12, 16 and 20kg

More info


After a good set of weights, there are a few extras you may wish to purchase.

Again this will depend upon space and budget.

Pull Up Bar

Fits into a door frame as long as you don’t mind putting in a couple of screws!

BodyMax Doorway Pull Up Bar and Chin Up Bar

More info


Can be used for step ups, split squat variations, hip thrusts and as a flat bench for pressing/rowing movements.

Reebok Step

More info


This would be ideal for a garage gym if you have space. This is one area I wouldn’t go cheap.

You wouldn’t want to use a bench that isn’t sturdy when lifting weights!

More info

The Portable Gym

Resistance bands can be used as an alternative to free weights such as DBs and BBs.

They are a great option if you travel regularly, as they can be stored in a suit case easily.

Or if you don’t have much room at home, they can be a great alternative to free weights.

Resistance Bands

More info

Band Anchor

More info

Hip Circle

Great for glute based work, you can use these to add variations to glute bridges and hip thrusts.

More info

Conditioning Equipment

If resistance training isn’t your thing and/or you wish to do cardio workouts and conditioning/HIIT style workouts, then medicine balls, skipping ropes and battle ropes are all great for home gyms.

Medicine Balls

More info

Skipping Ropes

More info

Battle Ropes

More info


Whatever equipment you choose, adhere to my two rules and you won’t go far wrong.

Only buy stuff that you will use and purchase the best you can afford.

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