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Supersets for a busy gym

Do you struggle to train when you’re in a busy gym? Not sure what to do when virtually all of the equipment is being used?

One of the requests I get most often, is to write programs that can be used when the gym is packed out.

You know what it’s like when you get into your favourite GloboGym at 6pm on a Monday and all the muscle Mary’s are there, in their stringer tank tops grunting and taking selfies. The benches are all taken, the pull up bars have been claimed and there isn’t a chance in hell of getting anywhere near a squat rack.

Don’t worry if this is you, because in this article I’m going to give you a simple method that you can use in this situation, where you perform two exercises back to back with one piece of equipment.

The workouts aren’t complicated, but they are very effective when done right, just how training should be in my opinion!

Enter the superset…

A superset is the term used to describe when you perform one exercise after the other. You can either perform supersets for the same muscle group, such as a pull up followed by a bicep curl, or as with this method, you can perform supersets for a different muscle group.

You’ll often see training programs where you need a couple of different pieces of equipment to perform the superset, nothing wrong with that of course, but not ideal for a busy gym, so I’ve designed this workout to allow you to use one piece of kit at a time, meaning you get more bang for your buck and don’t have to wait around for ages in between sets.

The Program

You need : A barbell

  • A1 – Barbell Squat | 4 x 10-12 | 3110 | rest 0
  • A2 – Romanian Deadlift | 4 x 10-12 | 4010 | rest 90

You need : A set of DBs and a bench

  • B1 – Incline DB Press | 3 x 13-15 | 2020 | rest 0
  • B2 – Incline DB Row | 3 x 13-15 | 2011 | rest 75

You need : A cable machine

  • C1 – Cable Curl | 3 x 18-20 | 2110 | rest 0
  • C2 – Triceps Press Downs | 3 x 18-20 | 2011 | rest 60

The Method

  1. Perform a set of A1, then a set of A2 immediately after, then rest and repeat.
  2. Perform all the sets of each superset before moving on to the next grouping (all of the A series, then all of the B series etc). 
  3. All exercises to be performed with strict form in a controlled manner. 
  4. Workout should take a maximum of 35 minutes in total (after a warm up has been completed). 
  5. Get in, get the job done, get the fudge out of there!

Exercise Demonstrations

A1 Barbell Squat

A2 Romanian Deadlift

B1 Incline DB Press

B2 Incline DB Row

C1 Cable Curl

C2 Tricep Press Down

Give this workout a try the next time your gym is packed out.

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