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The Biggest Mistakes Females Make In The Gym

In this article I address what I feel are the main reasons why even the most motivated females can struggle to get the results they desire from their training.

Over the last 10 years I have trained countless females in various capacities, be it 1-2-1 Personal Training, or Online Training.

In my consultations I have spoken with many females about their goals with exercise and what they want to achieve. From all this interaction I think I have a good idea of what women want. Not in a Mel Gibson able to read your mind and use it to my own advantage kind of way (my wife will attest to the fact I do not possess such powers) but more that I understand exactly what you, the female gym goer, wants to achieve.

In short, Females you want…

  • To look good (ideally in a bikini).
  • Feel good (all the time but more so when in a bikini).
  • Be able to eat healthily most of the time yet enjoy a few drinks and the odd meal out without feeling guilty.
  • You want your life to be balanced, not all Cabbage Soup and endless hours in the gym.
  • Not too much to ask really is it? So why then is it so hard? Why can’t you get the results that you want even though you are willing to put the effort in, in the gym? I have put together a quick guide as to what I believe are the most common problems women have with exercise.

You Choose The Wrong Type Of Training

BodyPump, Zumba, Boxer-cise, Yoga-Cise, Spin-A-Cise and any other class you can suffix with Cise will normally be where you find the majority of females training. There is nothing wrong with that of course, if it’s something you enjoy then go ahead, but it’s not the most effective form of exercise for getting in shape in my opinion.

So what is? You guessed it, strength training!

There are numerous benefits of strength training for females, such as increasing bone density, which is key to help staving off osteoporosis in later life, but one of the key reasons it will aid you in your fat loss quest, is that it will help you to add lean muscle mass. This in turn makes it easier for you to burn body fat as your metabolism is ramped up.

I would say the main reason the majority of women shy away from weight training, is because most will link weight training and adding muscle to looking like a bodybuilder. If only it were that easy. Weight training will help you to get lean and athletic, what’s more it can be very gratifying to know that you are stronger than most of the blokes in your office yet you still retain your femininity.

You Don’t Lift Heavy Enough Weights

There are of course those of you who have read up on the benefits of weight training and have started to delve into the testosterone fest that is the free weights area. Good for you.

The usual mistakes I see here is that you will gravitate towards the pink dumbbells and do a few curls, a few squats and a few of something else and unfortunately not really challenge yourself.

In order to progress with weight training you need to continually push your body and challenge yourself to get stronger. Remember that strength is relative, so pushing yourself may mean body weight exercises to start off with. It will however mean adding extra load and trying to better yourself on a weekly basis.

You Do Not Have A Set Program

In truth this is one of the biggest problems I see in both male and female gym goers. In terms of females it usually means doing a few sets on the inner thigh machine and a few sets of triceps dips to try and “tone up”.

My female clients will Squat, Deadlift, Push, Pull, Lift and Throw, all the basic movements and more in order to burn body fat in the most effective manner. But the key is that they will do so whilst following a plan specifically set out for them. A set plan will progress you in the quickest way possible and ensure that your hard spent time in the gym is effective. You get the body you want and you don’t waste time.

So there we are, three basic tips to help you girls start getting the most out of your training. You can learn more about 1-2-1 sessions with me on my personal training page.

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