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    Bespoke Online Personal Training for women in their 30's who want to drop 1-2 dress sizes.

Why consider Online Training?

Online Personal Training offers all of the exercise and nutrition support of regular Personal Training, at a fraction of the cost. You can work with me wherever you are in the world, all you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection!

With my programs, there is no need to cut your favourite foods and follow a fad diet, I will show you how to lose weight and keep it off for good whilst incorporating the things you like to eat and drink (yes that does mean chocolate and wine!).

About Me

I'm Nikki and I've been a Personal Trainer for over 16 years, helping women just like you lose weight and feel more confident with the way they look.

I developed my Online Training service so that I could deliver the same high standards of support and guidance of my Personal Training to women who may be unable to train with me in person.

I wanted to make my programs accessible to all, so that I can help as many women as possible to lose weight and feel happier, no matter where they are in the world.

These ladies did and so can you!
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Training - How it works

We'll begin with some assessments and an in-depth questionnaire, which will enable me to gauge your starting point, so that I can write the best program for you.

You’ll then receive your program via my exclusive app, so that everything you need to know is in the palm of your hand when you train.

You’ll know exactly what exercises you need to do and in what order and how many sets and reps you need to do. There’s even a handy video of each exercise, just in case you need a reminder.

It doesn’t matter whether you train in a busy gym with lots of equipment, or in your home with nothing at all, your program will be written to suit how you want to exercise.

Nutrition - How it works

Most women fail with diets because they follow a plan that is too restrictive. Think “diet” and you immediately think “cut out chocolate, wine and pizza”.

The problem with this approach, is that most women usually gain weight when they start to incorporate these foods back into their diet.

Wouldn’t it be better to follow a plan that helps you to lose weight and still enjoy your favourite foods?

By following my methods, you will learn to eat healthy food, lose weight and still enjoy a bit of what you fancy. It’s this balance that ensures you not only lose weight but learn to keep it off for good!

My plans are easy to follow, you don’t have to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen. I’ll provide you with over 70 family friendly recipes, so that you can eat well and use the extra time you have to do the things you enjoy doing, whether that’s spending time with your family, going out with friends or binge watching Netflix!

Coaching and Support

I believe that the real value of my Online Personal Training service comes with the coaching and support I give you. Any Personal Trainer can write you a program, you could even just find yourself a workout online or in a magazine, but this wouldn’t get you the results you want.

You need something more specialised, something designed just for you. You need a Personal Trainer who cares about your results as much as you do. That’s where I come in!

I’m on hand to guide you through every step of your weight loss journey. Whether that means assessing whether or not you are doing an exercise correctly, or guiding you through what to eat in social situations I’ll be there. Sometimes you might just need a pep talk, whatever it is that you need to help you lose weight and keep it off for good, I will be there for you.

Online Training Packages

Slim 6 V.I.P - £189

4 week 1-2-1 plan

• Training Plan
• Nutrition Plan
• 70 Recipe
• Weekly coaching email
• Weekly coaching call
• Access to exclusive coaching group

Slim 6 - £129

6 week group plan

• Training Plan
• Nutrition Plan
• 70 Recipes
• Access to exclusive coaching group

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Grant Elliott
Grant Elliott
09:48 17 Jun 19
Very down to earth, practical and surprisingly "normal" approach a matter that these days seems overly complex and over-run with lots of marketing B.S. Got great results - lost ~9kg in 4 months but more importantly have learnt how to keep a track on things, how much to eat and how to manage things like travel etc.read more
Sarah Poskitt Marlow
Sarah Poskitt Marlow
14:15 29 Mar 19
I took part in Nikki's January Slim 6. The best decision I have ever made regarding my health and fitness. Over the 6 weeks I had easy to follow recipes and fitness plans provided for the different stages, plus once the first 2 weeks were over a daily calorie limit. At no point did I feel hungry, I was able to adjust the recipes to fit my family more, or I made my normal meals following the ideas that Nikki gave me. The home and gym workouts were easy to follow and felt effective. After the 6 weeks I had lost just under 10kg and many CMs! Nikki provides great support and advice either via private messages or via his Facebook page. No question seemed too silly to ask and I always got a proper reply. I would recommend Nikki and especially his Slim 6 plan to any woman who wants to refocus on their health and fitness but is unsure how to start and where to turn. No fads, no silly diet, just proven healthy eating (with wiggle room for chocolate, glasses of wine etc, nothing is off limits) and moving more. I am continuing with the ideas he gave me and am following his eating plans to nail the next couple of KGs, plus I know that I can always go back to it whenever I feel I have gained a bit or need to lose a bit for a holiday or special occasion. I cant recommend Nikki and his help highly enough.read more
Hattie Whiting
Hattie Whiting
19:50 25 Feb 19
Truly life-changing personal training courtesy of Nikki Clarke. I've been lucky enough to train with Nikki for just over a year now and through his endless encouragement, common sense and kindness he's given me an exercise habit for the first time in my life. I've never liked sport, never exercised regularly and fought against the idea of restricting the things I love to do in order to get in shape. Working with Nikki has shown me that it's not necessary to take drastic measures, it's just about creating new habits which help you get where you want to be. I'm now stronger, more body-confident and fitter than I've ever been in my life. And I feel great!read more
Beccy Dickson
Beccy Dickson
12:30 08 Jan 19
Nikki’s training plan has been a revelation. I have always been fit and led a healthy lifestyle but struggled to lose weight. Not only have I lost the extra kgs, but this time it’s stayed off. It’s so much easier than I ever thought. If I’m honest I was spending way more time before Nikki’s plan exercising and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t shedding weight. Now I can fit in a quick workout every day and just make the sensible eating choices. Nothing really has to be sacrificed. Easy peasy! And no guilt! Added to that, the support from him and the online group really does help! I was dubious about sharing my weight loss journey with a group of strangers but it was really inspiring! A lovely group who are all on the same journey.Nikki is full of great advice and readily available to discuss any issues or answer any questions.Thanks Nikki!read more
Hannah Hilbery
Hannah Hilbery
22:59 02 Jan 19
I trained face to face with Nikki right up until the final weeks of my pregnancy so I knew he was the one to go to for help with my post baby fitness. I embarked on a 12 week online training programme with him while on maternity leave and he was as helpful and supportive remotely as he ever was in person. In the twelve weeks I lost 20lb and thoroughly enjoyed the process - lots of great (and straightforward) recipes, and accessible and concise high impact workouts (both important when you have limited time and energy). I still have a bit further to go and will not hesitate to go back and do more online training with Nikki as it worked so well for me this time.read more
Suzy Taljard
Suzy Taljard
21:47 05 Dec 18
The best part about the way Nikki works is that he has a lot of empathy for people who have lives outside of their training and diet. None of the changes he made with me were dramatic or traumatic and he worked around my existing patterns so that everything felt easy, like I wasn't on a diet at all. I've been able to eat pizza and go out with friends, without having to sneak in "diet food" in my handbag like I've done in the past! Nikki has been my online trainer for 8 months and in that time I have lost just over 6kg, about 1 stone. Our weekly phone calls have been a great way for me to keep focused and on track, and for Nikki to shout at me when I don't follow the plan (just kidding - he is always way too nice to me!). On top of all else he was able to give me a lot of variety in my training sessions given the limited equipment I have in my home gym. Because of his empathy, flexibility and all around niceness Nikki gets results. If you are serious about achieving your goals I'd strongly encourage you enlist Nikki to help you. You won't be disappointed!read more
Richard Lowe
Richard Lowe
14:32 29 Nov 18
Never having had the benefit of a personal trainer before I wasn't sure what to expect. It turns out that Nikki Clarke is a superb trainer with exactly the right balance of encouragement, coaching and drive. He is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Over the last 11 months my overall fitness is dramatically improved. Strongly recommended. Regs Richard Loweread more
Jane Olliffe
Jane Olliffe
09:50 09 Nov 18
Regularly going to the gym has never been my problem. I have been weight training 4 times a week now plus a couple of yoga sessions for about 6 years now not as a punishment but because I enjoy it. So I had no issues from an exercise point of view but my relationship with food was not healthy. It was either feast or famine. I spent a lot of time saying 'no I can't have that' to a lot of food that I love. I would then cave, overeat and beat myself up for my 'failure'. The scales were also my nemesis. I weighed around 64kg but thought if I could just get down to the magic number of 60kg and maintain it all my problems would be solved. I decided something had to change and I contacted Nikki. What I love about him is that he really understands women and how we think. He has a way of explaining things that make perfect sense and don't leave you feeling foolish. He helped me see that eating bread and cheese and drinking wine is not bad or banned, that I shouldn't beat myself up about it and that it doesn't have to derail any attempt to lose weight. At the end of our time I really felt I had flipped that switch in my brain that caused all the crazy. Add to that I lost 3kg without feeling deprived or miserable. The man is a miracle worker!read more
Sarah Maguire
Sarah Maguire
09:03 03 Nov 18
Nikki was a brilliant trainer and coach... I took part in the Slim 6 programme which included recipes and workouts. It totally changed my approach and mindset, my portion control is brilliant now and although I still find exercising challenging at times it is now part of my routine!!! Thank you Nikki!!read more
Becky Nall-Cain
Becky Nall-Cain
15:37 25 Oct 18
This group has changed everything for me, and Nikki has been the guide that has really changed my life. He understands women, the way we eat, the worries and the plan he puts in place made me be able to stick to losing weight for the first time ever! No more fad diets, just a long term understanding of food and how we can work to achieve a steady loss, become healthier and so much happier. I cannot recommend Nikki more, he’s literally changed my life in terms of the way I approach food, I have so much to thank him for! Give it a go, I promise you won’t regret it! Beckyread more
Christine Wright
Christine Wright
14:50 22 Oct 18
Just finished a 6 week training plan 12lbs down and sticking to it. Nikki is great he cuts straight to facts and ensures you know exactly what you are doing to get the best results. He is realistic and encouraging and caters for all levels.
Joanne Tomlinson
Joanne Tomlinson
12:29 22 Oct 18
Having just finished the slim6 with Nikki I can totally recommend him to anyone who has hit a plateau in their training / weight loss. The whole plan revolves around creating better eating habits; being more aware of what you are eating and the nutritional value of foods. It does not mean giving up wine, or salt and vinegar crisps / phew! The fitness side is totally do-able and scales up from entry level (finding the gym on google maps) to a sustainable regular weekly work out pattern. You don’t even need a gym membership as he provides home workouts complete with videos. I have finished up 12lbs lighter, stronger and with a new love of cooking. Winner, winner chicken dinner.read more

Online Training FAQ's

Click the questions below to expand the answers:

How does Online Personal Training work?
After an initial assessment, you’ll be sent a training and nutrition plan to follow each week. I’ll be on hand to answer any questions that you have and ensure that you stay on track. We’ll then work together to ensure you are losing weight and able to reach your goal.
How often does my plan change?
Your exercise plan will change every 2-4 weeks. Your nutrition plan will change according to your progress.
Do I need to go to the gym?
No you don’t, many of my online clients exercise at home. Having a gym membership is not necessary at all, if you prefer to exercise at home that’s fine.
I haven’t exercised for years, can I still follow your plan?
Yes of course, my plans are tailored to your needs. Everyone starts in a different place, so your training plan will be written with this in mind.
What commitment is required?
Dependent upon which plan you sign up to, there’ll be a minimum commitment of either 4 or 6 weeks.
I don’t live in The U.K, can I still sign up to your plan?
Yes of course. In the past year I’ve worked with people in Hong Kong, New York, France, Australia, Jamaica and Saudi Arabia. As long as you have a phone, tablet or laptop and an internet connection I can work with you.
What I ask from my clients
Success with my programs requires a bit of work from both of us, all I ask is that you help me to help you by being as honest as possible during the check-ins and giving me as much feedback as you can. We’ll be working together to ensure you reach your goals.
Who is Online Personal Training for?

Online Personal Training is perfect for you if…

You want to work with me but can’t get to London for in-person Personal Training.

You’ve tried a load of different diets in the past but go back to square one every time.

You want to tone up and feel more confident when you go out or go on holiday, but you’re unsure of what exercises you should be doing, how often and when to change your program to ensure you continue to progress.

You want to find a way of eating that suits you and your body, so that you can stop the “yo-yo” dieting that leaves you feeling tired, frustrated and depressed.

Interested to know more?

If you have any questions about online training or are ready to get started, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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