Clients’ Results

6 weeks ago I started Nikki Clarke’s Slim 6 program – an online/app based nutrition and exercise program, with additional (brilliant / informative / motivational) support from Nikki in a FB group. I’ve lost 13lbs, 3.5 inches off my waist, 3 inches off my hips and 2 inches off my thighs. No pills, potions, shakes or other ‘diet’ mumbo jumbo, just delicious, balanced food.

I haven’t exercised as much as the program recommended as I had a bit of an endometriosis relapse, but I’m feeling stronger now and ready to get back into the gym. I’ve also signed up to run a 10k in 6 weeks. I’m still a work in progress but I’m on track to be fit by 40 in 4 months.

Lost 13lbs in 6 weeks

I loved working with Nikki. He helped me to lose over 17lbs in 12 weeks without setting foot in a gym. For the first time in two years I don’t look pregnant and I fit into my pre-baby clothes.

Nikki understands the pressures of everyday life and helped me to work around them whilst still moving towards my target. He did not judge me for being unable to do workouts due to having a young sleepless, breastfeeding baby and a toddler. He understands the value of sleep and rest to your overall well-being and knows when to prioritise those things above exercise. Instead, he gave me a nutrition plan that was delicious and easy to stick to and helped me to stay on track so that the weight came off bit by bit, week by week in a sustainable way.

I was amazed by what you can achieve by changing a few basic things when it comes to food. Thank you Nikki for helping me to feel like me again. I have still got a little way to go, but you have given me the necessary tools to get there and stay there.

Lost 17lbs in 12 weeks

The Slim 6 group has changed everything for me, and Nikki has been the guide that has really changed my life. He understands women, the way we eat, the worries and the plan he puts in place made me be able to stick to losing weight for the first time ever! No more fad diets, just a long term understanding of food and how we can work to achieve a steady loss, become healthier and so much happier.

I cannot recommend Nikki more, he’s literally changed my life in terms of the way I approach food, I have so much to thank him for! Give it a go, I promise you won’t regret it!

Lost 22.5lbs in 6 weeks

Just finished the latest Slim 6. I’ve done all the big dieting plans over the years, (WW, Sliming World, Rosemary Conley, Dukan, The Ford diets etc etc) and this one is a definite game changer. Very simple, easy to follow, lots of support (great Facebook group), basically if you’ve done half the diets I’ve done, each one focus on generally one or two things when it comes to food & losing weight. This one, there is absolutely no food banned, it’s a new way to look at what’s on your plate & what you put into your body, with weight loss the added bonus.

The exercise plans are personally tailored and you can add extra to these plans should you wish. Working in the healthcare profession myself, Nikki provides excellent no BS advice, proper evidence based information. No fake info here. The plan works with your daily life, so if like me you are a shift worker, have irregular days in which to fit your exercises in due to variable working days, this works very well too. I am still on my weight loss journey, but Nikki has got me further and beyond my plateau. Highly recommended girls!

Lost 7lbs in 6 weeks

I have just completed Slim 6 and I’m so pleased with the results. I actually found the programme enjoyable and easy to stick to! The online support is great and the meals quick and easy and yummy!

The app was great to guide through workouts, track progress and deliver information. I am so glad I did Slim 6 and believe it’s suitable for all abilities no matter where you are in your weight loss/transformation journey. Most of all the programme isn’t a quick fix but a change in lifestyle which can be continued into the future which I will certainly do.

Lost 10.5lbs in 6 weeks

I’ve just completed Nikki’s 6-week online training and nutrition program, and honestly, it’s great. The plan includes really tasty recipes that don’t take ages to make and actually fill you up, and workouts which you can easily do at home and fit into a busy life. The approach is refreshing – nothing is banned, booze, chocolate and quavers included (can I drink a bottle of wine for dinner? Yes, just don’t have one for breakfast tomorrow too!).

Being part of an online group meant it was easy to ask questions – Nikki was amazingly responsive, and support from the group was also great. At the end of 6 weeks, I’ve lost over 17lbs and dropped a dress size, but better than that, I feel healthier, fitter and more energised and I’m now moving forward with a much better understanding of what I need to do to stay healthy in the future. If you’re thinking about doing something like this, Nikki is your guy!

Lost 17lbs in 6 weeks

I’d been trying to shift some weight for a while but wasn’t really getting anywhere; fad diets and training plans that I found online hadn’t managed to keep me motivated and I wasn’t seeing the results. With three months to go until being a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding I decided to ask Nikki for his help as I was determined to look and feel good in my dress and had heard amazing reviews about his programs from friends.

Training with Nikki has honestly been such a different experience to what I’ve been used to in the past. Not only did Nikki put together a completely personalised training plan for me which was updated every month, but he also helped me to get to grips with a healthy nutrition plan. He has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of me throughout my three-month training plan which has been invaluable to keeping me motivated. Confident in the knowledge that Nikki had taken care of all of the planning, all I had to do was stick to it to see the results.

Nikki has not only helped me to achieve my goal of slimming down but has also managed to positively change my mind-set on going to the gym and getting fit. He is professional, patient, fun and most definitely a ‘no-yelling’ and all encouraging expert. I feel healthier and happier in my body and the compliments I received at my best friend’s wedding were worth all the hard work. Thanks Nikki!

18lbs in 12 weeks

I’m happier and healthier than I have been in a long time. The plan was easy to follow and at no point did I ever feel like I was on a diet.

This is something I’ll be able to stick to for good. Thanks Nikki! You’ve completely changed my outlook on food.

16lbs in 10 weeks

Can I just say that if you’re considering doing Nikki’s programme – stop thinking and sign yourself up today! I shifted 16lbs in the 6 week programme and have since completing it lost a further 5lbs – so that’s 21lbs in total!! I’d been carrying around that baby weight for far too long and I’ve lost it through exercising, eating sensibly and staying within my calorie target. Moreover I NEVER felt deprived as I could have treats, wine etc.

This is a programme for life, a food programme the whole family can enjoy and Nikki is God like in my eyes!

I turned 40 at the beginning of July and that was my motivation to get fit and healthy – I have three children and I can honestly say I have never in my life felt as good as I do now. So stop thinking about signing up – DO IT – you won’t regret it.

21lbs in 10 weeks

Online Training Testimonials

So, after months and months of wanting to lose weight and struggling with motivation, so failing within the first week every time, I knew this was the right plan for me, six weeks on and I’m a pound away from losing a stone. I’m feeling more confident, my appetite has dropped right down and I have a better relationship with food. So happy! Thank you Nikki, I can’t recommend this man enough.
Kirsty Barker
Lost 13lbs in 6 weeks
I’ve just completed my 6 weeks with Nikki’s online training. I’ve not only lost weight, which was my main aim, so I thought. I’ve also learnt how to eat and train well, a new way of life. After thinking I couldn’t survive without my trusty toast in the morning and potatoes at night. I’ve found that I actually don’t need them and no longer have them. Brilliant recipes and loads of encouragement to keep going. Not just from Nikki but also the group. I will be sad to leave but I know I’m well equipped now to carry this on. Thanks again Nikki.
Joanne Hindley
Lost 7lbs in 6 weeks
Nikki was a brilliant trainer and coach… I took part in the Slim 6 programme which included recipes and workouts. It totally changed my approach and mind set, my portion control is brilliant now and although I still find exercising challenging at times it is now part of my routine!
Sarah Maguire
Lost 10.5lbs in 6 weeks
I would highly recommend Slim 6. The meal and exercise options were great and I now have a much healthier approach to food (essentially eating the right foods to feel full and not feeling the urge to snack). This is the first time I have been able to resist snacking in the day and exercising more regularly. Nikki has given me confidence in the gym and I am the fittest I have been in years, and I’ve lost weight. Thank you so much Nikki.
Sara Masters
Lost 6lbs in 6 weeks
Have just finished Slim 6 with Nikki, I can totally recommend him to anyone who has hit a plateau in their training/weight loss. The whole plan revolves around creating better eating habits; being more aware of what you are eating and the nutritional value of foods. It does not mean giving up wine, or salt and vinegar crisps (phew!). The fitness side is totally do-able and scales up from entry level (finding the gym on google maps) to a sustainable regular weekly work out pattern. You don’t even need a gym membership as he provides home workouts complete with videos. I have finished up 12lbs lighter, stronger and with a new love of cooking. Winner, winner chicken dinner.
Joanne Tomlinson
Lost 12lbs in 6 weeks
Just finished a 6-week training plan 12lbs down and sticking to it. Nikki is great he cuts straight to facts and ensures you know exactly what you are doing to get the best results. He is realistic and encouraging and caters for all levels.
Christine Wright
Lost 12lbs in 6 weeks
I have just completed the Slim 6 plan. I found the meal plans to be delicious and not like a diet at all. The exercise plans were easy to follow with clips of any moves you hadn’t done before. Most of all his encouragement and wise words of wisdom!! I will continue to use his menus as a lifestyle change and would advise everyone to give Slim6 a try. Thanks again Nikki.
Catherine Mullane
Lost 5lbs in 6 weeks
What I love about Nikki is that he really understands women and how we think. He has a way of explaining things that make perfect sense and don’t leave you feeling foolish. He helped me see that eating bread and cheese and drinking wine is not bad or banned, that I shouldn’t beat myself up about it and that it doesn’t have to derail any attempt to lose weight. At the end of our time I really felt I had flipped that switch in my brain that caused all the crazy. Add to that I lost 3kg without feeling deprived or miserable. The man is a miracle worker!
Jane Olliffe
Lost 6.5lbs in 12 weeks

Personal Training Testimonials

I’ve been training with Nikki for 9 months now and have seen great results. I’m fitter and stronger than I’ve ever been, not to mention now totally happy in the “scary” weights section of the gym. Nikki has so much knowledge – he took me right back to basics, focussing on technique whilst pushing me to lift heavier than I thought I could! He doesn’t believe in fads – just hard work and healthy eating; oh and he’s pretty charming and funny when he wants to be too. Sign up, you will not regret it!
Dr Jess Longmore
I’ve been training with Nikki for 7 months and am thrilled not only with the results, but also with the fact that Nikki pushes me past mental hurdles. Nikki never lets me give up which is exactly what I need since I need to be pushed in my workouts. He listened to my goals and developed a personal training and food program which has delivered results. From someone who doesn’t love to exercise, I now really look forward to my personal training sessions with Nikki. He has also made me rethink how and what I eat which has also significantly changed my body for the better.
Molly Nolan
Nikki encourages his clients to have specific, achievable goals.  When I first started training with him I was astonished how quickly I lost fat & increased in strength. This was largely due to his holistic approach which encompassed not just training but also diet and general life style issues. After a recent serious illness, returning to the gym after a long break was daunting but made so much easier by having such a professional PT. Whatever your circumstances Nikki can adapt and tailor a workout to get the best results.
Fiona Jackson
Nikki from Body Solutions is a very motivating trainer who I would highly recommend. He provides truly personalised programmes tailored individually to help his clients reach their goals. He has completely transformed my approach to fitness and nutrition; teaching me about technique and how to make the most out of the gym, but also guiding me in how to adapt my eating habits. He is patient, and very attentive. I’m currently seeing him twice a week for training sessions, but it doesnt stop there, with regular check-ins and advice provided via email, along with training plans for me to carry out without him. He’s helped me make significant, sustainable changes to my lifestyle and I’m excited about the results so far from working together.
Charlie Hunt
I have been personal training with Nikki in Central London for some time and although his methods are challenging, you never get bored and you certainly get results! His holistic approach tackling, not just training but also diet and general life style issues collectively encourage greater knowledge and self-awareness but most importantly weight loss, not just on the scales but dramatic body fat loss. Personal training sessions are great and vary on a regular basis keeping you inspired, motivated and much more committed to training both with him and on your own. I would not hesitate in recommending Nikki to anyone as long as they don’t mind a forthright approach and working hard!
Emma Mazzullo
Nikki helped me lose over 2 stone for my wedding. The training was tough but also very enjoyable. The area I struggled most with was nutrition, there is so much bad info out there I never really knew how to eat properly. Nikki wrote me a plan that included lots of tasty food and recipes. Above all though his support was what mattered most. He was always on hand for a pep talk and to help me. I couldn’t recommend him enough!
Emily Clarke
I have had a couple of personal trainers in my life but Nikki Clarke has been the best one by far. It’s a place where you can achieve your dreams both in mind and body and push beyond your own limit. My training and nutrition programme is specifically tailored for my own goals which I really like. I know I still have a way to go yet but I know I will get there in the end. For me fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about better than I used to be. Thank you Nikki.
Jenny Knight Pacheco
What’s great about Nikki is that he is entirely focused on getting you the results you want, in a time frame you want, supporting you with a personalised exercise and nutrition plan. I had a 3-month window to lose 5% body fat for a friend’s wedding in Ibiza and despite my previous injuries he not only helped me reach my goal but also helped improve my fitness and mobility. Nikki has a great manner with clients and he knows how to push you to get the results you want. It’s no surprise that many of my friends now train with him!
Eva Bojtos
Nikki has helped me achieve more than I ever felt possible. I’m in the best shape of my life and it’s all down to him!
Maria Olaiz
Nikki is the perfect personal trainer – chilled and friendly yet extremely clear and focused to guide you to achieve your fitness goals!
Jade Harwood
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